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UCA's hitting coil bucket

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Does anyone know how and where to trim to keep this from happening? I just install a Calmini 3" lift and they said I might have to trim to keep them from bumping.
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IMO: I don't recommend doing this.

But search and there is a top in the suspension section.
Don't do it. That's their sorry excuse to fix their problem. Not a good way to solve the problem that their spacers cause. That's why I went with the coils and not the spacers. No issues what so ever.
cannot wait to see all the problems from the 5" lift.
Will it hurt anything to just let them bump?
Xterror said:
Will it hurt anything to just let them bump?
Probably not. It will probably notch itself. Just keep an eye on it.
DO you have 4x4? Calmini actually makes two different spacers... one for 4x2 and one for 4x4... the 3" is only s'posed to be for 4x2.
I have a 4x4, but I bought the 2x4 lift to get the extra 1/2". they told me it wouldn't be a problem but I might have to trim if the UCA and bucket bumps. It's not that bad unless I hit a big hole or something. I'll probably just leave it alone.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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