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*Work in progress page. Anything in dark red is a clickable link.*

Username: TravZilla
Year: 2011
Make: Nissan
Model: Xterra 4X4
Trim: PRO-4X
Color: Super Black

Powertrain & Driveline:



  • Hefty Fabworks Front Bumper
  • Hefty Fabworks Sliders W/ Built In Step
  • MaxTerra Rear Bumper W/ Swing Arm
  • Xoskel Custom Replacement Roof Rack (Never Ever Ever Ever Buy One Of These)
  • Airflow Snorkel
  • Mud Flaps Removed
  • Front / Rear / Side Trim Painted Black
  • GOBI Passenger Side Rear Ladder
  • Debadged Rear Hatch
  • 15% Tint On All Windows But Front
  • Custom Bedlined Front/Rear Fenders/Doors
  • Offroad Gorilla Hood Rod Kit
  • Custom Raingler Roof Top Net - Review And Pics HERE

  • Blacked Out Projector Headlights With 5000K 35W HID's
  • PIAA 510 ATP's Painted Yellow
  • Hella Black Magic Rally 1000 Driving Lights
  • 3 Forward Facing LED Bars - 1 Spot, 2 Combo Pattern
  • 6 Side Facing LED Pods - Flood Pattern
  • 4 Rear Facing LED Pods - 2 Flood, 2 Spot Pattern
  • Upgraded LED Reverse Light Bulbs
  • Optional Built In LED Reverse Lights in MaxTerra Rear Bumper

  • Custom Cat Back 2.5" Exhaust with Flowmaster Super 44 Muffler

Additional Picture Threads:


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I spotted you driving downtown yesterday Trav! X is looking good!
Oh yeah ? I work downtown on 15th and Yamhill.

Your interior is sick!!!! Katzkins????
No, full replacement. When I bought the X from the dealer they didn't have one in stock that had leather, so part of the negotiated price was sending me to a 3rd party shop who let me pick out color/design. Best part is I still retained the fold flat passenger seat, since for some odd reason factory leather equipped X's lost that option. Here are a few other pics I posted in a different thread.

Here are some more pictures of the interior. Its kind of hard to tell in the pics but the red perforated sections are darker in person and hardly stand out, just how I wanted them to. To answer the above question, it was part of the negotiated price, and was installed through a 3rd party.

The rocker switch that controls high/off/low can be seen just in front on the seat in this pic, mounted on the lower console between the seats.


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Those seats are sweet. What was the ball park price for having the custom lather done if u don't mind me asking
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Couldn't tell ya there, it was included in the price of the truck itself. Whatever the price of the factory leather option was at the time, it was less than that, and I got to pick the colors / pattern. I'm sure you can check around your area for any custom interior / upholstery shop and get a quote.

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i know iv asked before but what did you use on the plastics? they look good!
Duplicolor bumper coating. I took my time and disassembled every piece, sanded, primer'd, and painted, and I'm still starting to get some blisters/peeling on the plastic piece that goes on top of the rear bumper. Think I'm going to take everything off again here in a few months and have it all line x'd.
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