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Transmission Fluid Drain and Fill Question ?

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Hey everyone, recently did a drain and fill on my auto '10 SE, 161k miles. I only drained the pan from the bolt and refilled from the dipstick hole. I'm a little confused though as I drained 4000mL of fluid, and I added back 4000mL (4, 1qt bottles of matic s fluid) or therabout, plus a little extra (barely 250mL) for spillage I caused. I checked the dipstick and it is above the hot mark now. I let the car sit over a few days so I knew it was cold, checked again and it's still reading on the hot line. I figured a few days would be long enough to allow all fluid to seep down the dipstick hole but it's still reading too high. I've driven the car at least 30 miles to test it out and no issues. No slamming, hesitation, leaks, everything seems fine. Am I missing something here? I've checked the fluid at least 4 times at different temperatures and the dipstick is always high, regardless of temp. Obviously I'm cleaning it off before checking, so what the heck is going on?
Thanks anyone who may know what's up.
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I did a poor man's flush earlier this year and sympathize with AutoWerk's question. I find it hard to read the AT fluid dip stick. I have checked it (while running) both cold and 'hot' or what I believe is hot and concluded it is OK.

Question: Is slightly overfilling the transmission fluid a bad idea?

I know that overfilling the motor oil is a really bad idea.
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