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Hi all,

A little background on my 2008 Xterra SE 6 Spd. I have had it since new and at the moment it is sitting at 268 000 km. I don't wheel but it is my daily driver.
About a two months ago I bought an OBD reader and a few weeks after I had a P1819 code accompanied by the 4wd indicator window going blank and getting "stuck" in the 2wd mode for a few hours and C1163 Steering angle code. I cleared the codes and P1819 remained. Knowing that this problem needed some more diagnostics, I went to my local Nissan dealership. So far they have been straight up with me on any issues, and never pressured me into doing anything that was not needed. My service advisor told me that I needed a new Transfer Case Unit (TCU) and that it was on backorder and it would cost $1500 CAD to get it all done. Given that the worst thing that could happen is I could get stuck in 2 or 4wd mode, I decided to get a used TCU for the fraction of the price. The used TCU arrived, but I just did not have time to change it. So it sat on my kitchen table until this evening. Almost forgot, in addition to the P1819, I got another code 4 days ago. This time it was a high voltage on the Bank2 Oxygen Sensor2 P0158. Now I was starting to get worried about the X falling apart. Given it was the downstream O2 sensor, I decided to take on one problem at a time. First I changed the TCU, cleared the codes, and then proceeded to test 4wd system ( 2wd to 4WD high and then 4wd Lo). 4WD system worked fine. Then, I did another scan and P1819 cleared but C1163 is back. I will post an update on how everything progresses.

Hopefully this is helpful to someone in a similar situation.

Cheers ,

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