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Transfer Case Gears

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I might be willing to give it a look once I get the Jeep back on the road.
I would love to get a look at the gears before actually buying any though. That's a huge chunk of change to plop down if they don't work. If I drop and open the TC I should be able to tell if they "might" work just bu looking at them. I would hate to pull the gears out only to find that they don't fit and then have to find a rebuild kit to put the TC back together.
Grunzen said:
I'll do that. Also Dan and Dyna know but for everyone else TC gears for sure are coming for us.
Within the next 5 years? ;)
That could be true...After reading the FJ board, the amount of Yota support there is for the FJ is amazing.
Offroad said:
kokopop said:
hmmm. Nissan. Very interesting.
If it's nissan, hope we can get them and it's not just an option only offered on 07+ Xs.
Unless they totally change the TC, if the gears are available for the 07 they would be available for the 05-06, they would just be purchased from the parts department like any other replacement part.
Oh, I never said they would be cheap. :)
1 - 6 of 36 Posts
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