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This the e-mail I got.
Trails and Recreation Budgets in Jeopardy Yet Again
For the past couple years ARRA has asked you to weigh in on funding for the Forest Service’s Trails and Recreation budgets. The President has proposed steep reductions to these programs each year at a time when more and more Americans are recreating on National Forests. You have weighed in for the last two years and Congress has voted to restore most of the funding for trails and recreation.

This year both the House and Senate have passed legislation that would appropriate considerably more than the President requested; however, there is a new threat to the budgets that provide funding for trail maintenance and improvement and the management of recreational activities. The President has vowed to veto appropriations bills passed by Congress. As a result of the President’s veto pledge, Congressional leaders have offered to reduce Congressionally approved spending increases over the President’s proposed budget by half. Clearly the Forest Service Trails and Recreation budgets are not the problem as they amount to a miniscule fraction of overall government spending, but they face deep cuts anyway.

You may also recall that the Trails and Recreation budgets are critical as they provide much of the funding for the implementation of the Travel Management Rule. The rule requires each National Forest to designate those roads, trails, and areas that are open to motor vehicles. This is massive undertaking that requires individual Forests and districts to undergo extensive processes to eventually produce a map detailing where OHV use may occur. Many Forests all over the country have made it clear that lack of adequate funding is making the successful implementation of the Travel Management Rule difficult
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