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Trail Gear To Carry In The Xterra

The following is the list that I have created from a few other lists that fellow X'ers had. This is a very large list and I believe that everything here should be able to help you out in just about any situation you could get yourself into while on the trail with your X. Obviously if you break a part and don't have a spare then you are as*ed out anyway. Please feel free to use this list to help you in starting you get the things that you need. It is up to you in what you determine to be more important than another item.

I would recommend one of the first few items that you do buy first is a tow strap without the hooks and some working gloves. The rest is up to you.

2- 32 gallon containers____

Glove Box Items

Spare Fuses___ Tire Gauge___ Quick Air Tire Deflators____ Pocket Road Atlas___ Mini Maglite____ Pen & Paper____Valve Stem Remover___ Gerber Universal Tool_____ Insurance_____ Registration___ Owners Manual____

Front Area (Map Pockets etc.)

Local Maps___ Hunting Knife___ Napkins____ 4D Cell Maglite___

Seat Backs

Windshield Sun Blocker___ Gloves____ Hat____ Mini Yellow Pages____
Snowbrush/ice Scraper____ Drink Cozy___

Cargo Area (Loose)

Fire Extinguisher____ 2 Folding Chairs____ Power Inverter____ 8ft Blanket_____ 5 gallons water____ Paper Towels___ Stock First Aid Kit___

Cargo Area (in container)

Medium Duffel Bag___ 30ft Chain____
100ft Emergency Climbing Rope (200 lb. working load) ____ Tow Strap____
Jumper Cables____ 2 15min Flares____ 1 6sec Aerial Flare_____
Large Can of Fix-A-Flat____ Flashlight____ 1 Million Candle Power Spot Light____
Duct Tape____ Electrical Tape____ Power Bond Tape____ WD-40____
Valve Stem Cores_____ Instant Gas Tank Repair_____ Instant Radiator Repair_____
Alumaseal____ Contact Cement____ Weld Stick____ RTV Blue Gasket Maker_____
Match Solder____ 5min Epoxy____ Mechanics Wire___ 4x4ft Sheet Heavy Duty Tin Foil___ 15ft Parachute Cord____ Hose Repair Kit____ 4 Spare Lugnuts____
6x8 Tarp___ Jeans____ Sweatshirt____ Boonie Cap_____ Rain Gear_____
4 MRE's____ Gloves____ Roof Rack Net_____ Basket Case Net_____
Folding "Sven-Saw"_____ 100 MPH Tape (Gaffer's Tape)____ 100ft Trucker Rope___
30ft 3" Warn Yank Strap____ 2 Gallon Gas Can____ Miscellaneous Bungee Cords___

Tool Set

SAE and Metric Sockets____ SAE and Metric Wrenches____
SAE and Metric Allen Wrenches___ Needle Nose Pliers____ Dikes____
Screw drivers_____
Warn Winch Accessory Kit

8ft Chain___ 8ft Tree Saver Strap_____ Leather Gloves____ 1 Large Shackle_____
2 Medium Shackles____ Snatch Block_____

Miscellaneous Tool Box

Cigarette Lighter Extension Cord___ 2 10 Minute Flares____ Vice Grips____ Ratchet Tie Downs____ 4D Cell Batteries_____ Assorted Screwdrivers_____

Tire Repair Kit

Plugs____ Patches____ Rubber Cement_____ Reamer_____ Insertion tool_____

Day Pack

Kelty Blanca 2000 Pack___ Compass____ Headlamp____ Baby Powder_____ Sunscreen____ Bug Repellant_____ Tums_____ Platypus 2 Quart Water Bladder____
Local Hiking Maps____ Spare Pair of Socks____ Space Blanket____ Rain Poncho___
Solid Fuel Stove with 8 fuel tablets____ Can opener_____ 2 quick-clips____ Binoculars____ Jolly Ranchers____ Energy Bars____ MRE____ Tube Tent____
Empty Water Bottle____ Signaling Mirror____2 6sec Aerial Flares____

Tacoma Mountain Survival Kit

High Decibel Whistle___ Cheap Compass___ Pocket Knife____ Matches___ Candle___ Tea Bags____ Salt & Sugar Packets____ Beef Bouillon Packet____
Pencil & Paper_____ 25ft of Twine____ Aluminum Foil____ Ziploc Bag_____
Wire Ties____ Survival Brochure_____

First Aid Kit

Gauze___ Tape____ Band aids____ Mole Skin____ Pain Reliever____ Benadryl____
Thermometer_____ Scissors_____ Rubber Gloves____ First Aid Booklet_____

Other Equipment

7 Gallon Air Tank____ Coleman Cooler____ 2 Person Tent____

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BoonDox said:
Umm. Can all that fit??? I don't want the ass end of my X
dragging down the road... Just joking, nice check list though
Yup it will all fit if you know how to pack things. You don't have to carry it with you all of the time. You only need it when you go out to the trails. That's just a big ole list I got started on. Just thought to throw it out there for people to use to make their own. You can just pick what you think you would need the most. Not saying you have to have it all. Don't worry it won't make the rear end sag at all.

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For the 05-06's scratch that can of Fix-a-Flat. It will kill your pressure sensors.

I fit all my recovery gear in my roof bin:

3"x30' recovery strap
8' Tree saver
2x 3/4" D shackles
2x 5/8" D Shackles
Hi-Lift winch kit
Hi-Lift Off-Road Base
Leather work gloves
5/16"x20' chain with Grab hooks
15" (1/2" drive) Breaker Bar with 3" socket extension and 21mm socket (AKA: lugnut wrench). **I'll probably toss my old 1/2" drive torque wrench in there too.

In the little net in the rear right I carry a rain coat
In the little net in the rear left I carry a: Small rool of 30 gallon trash bags, roll of shop towels, Fire Extinguisher, D-Cel Mag Light.

I carry a milk creat ratchet strapped to the rear seat back using the car seat loops. In it I carry all kinds of crap (too much to list)

Stuck between the seat back and the milk creat I have a tool kit in a plastic case.

On the roof I have an all cast 60" Hi-Lift

In a small backpack I carry a complete change of clothes

I always carry a pair of hiking boots.

Currently I think that's about it, though I am sure there is more I am forgetting. I don't carry any spare parts yet, but that will change as I find out what breaks on the 05's ;)

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Thanks for the list guys. I am now going to admit something. As I read these lists I realize that I am an unprepared moron most of the time! Not for long though. I have already started stocking up.

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eXTra fORt said:
You both missed the most important on your list: Never Ever Go Wheeling in a Trail Alone - Bring another X with You.
This way you double the Fun... and it's far more safer!

That's overated. Yes safer but you can still get unstuck and wheel with only your X I usually have a few people in with the ride but sometimes I don't.


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Maybe I missed it, but I was shocked to not see a mini shovel listed.

I have a little shovel, about 2ft long, I carry with me incase I get stuck. I keep it in the car all the time. It has more uses than just incase I get stuck. Mine is a Razorback, not sure the model name, but this website calls it the Little Hog. I got it at my local hardware for $22.99. website:


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I also recommend:

In the stock 1st aid kit I added:
- 6 packs of those hand warmers (to be used anywhere, not just hands $1.50 each)
- bottle of alieve/advil/etc what ever for pain relief incase of major injury
- spare set of contacts (if you wear contacts - make sure you replace once they expire)
- Cortezone (sp?) incase of bug bites
- Bug spay (not kept in ziplock bag, but kept in codura 1st kit bag)

I also hid some money in my Xterra (many secret places one can hide some twenties in the X. I folded mine up, put them in a mini (1"x2") ziplock bag and then used black ducktape to tape it in a secret place. Just incase I'm on a road trip, etc and I get robbed/mugged.

I don't necessarily recommend it, but I keep a Coleman Double Size Air Matress in that storage thing under rear cover in the cargo area. And I have a 12v pump that plugs into the car and inflates deflates the airmatress. The pump doesn't fit in that little storage thing, but I keep it in on of the nets in the back. If you take off the rear lower seats (takes 1min to do) the air matress fits perfectly in the back and is extremely comfortable. It folds up super small and fits well under the cargo area base. In that storage thing, I have:
- the Nissan Emergancy kit, which I changed/upgraded and keep my spare batteries for flashlights in
- a sheet cut up to cover my seat incase I get really dirty and don't have a change of clothes
- work gloves
- tow rope
- blue tarp (mainly if i get a flat in snow or rain to help keep me dry from wet ground) I think it is 6ftx8ft
- toss away camera (incase some hits me or something and I don't have a camera with me - emergancy documentation)
- spare pair of hiking socks (warm)

there is room for some other small things like gloves, socks, flashlights, etc

Also, if you have the emergancy road side kit done by Nissan and comes with a lot of the Xterras, that you replace the flash light from that kit with a Maglite 2D Cell flashlight. It is about $15 and is almost as bright as the 4D one. It fits in that little zipper codura bag and I put 4D batteries in the bag (spare set). The one that comes in that kit is worthless.

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usmc xterra said:
I'm having a heck of a time finding 2 32 gallon containers and the room to put them! JK Typo! MC
What size are they suppose to be?

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I think he meant 2or3 2 gallon containers. When he sees it, he'll edit it and we will know. But that is a hell of a good list. I have a lot of that in a trunk I carry when wheeling. Trouble is, I end up wheeling a lot of the time spur of the moment so I carry it a lot, that sucker is heavy! But I am ready for anything! MC

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I didn't see mention of a second spare tire, if you blow a tire on the trail and are running on the one spare it's usually end of the trip and time to limp home.

For this area for bush travel we often get a $5 forestry permit to cut and transport firewood and carry a small chainsaw for that and to clear deadfall. Bow saws and axes are a lot of work, especially if faced with dozens of logs across forest trails.

Given local difficulties with carrying firearms some carry signal launch pistols with shells for parachute flares, fireworks and wildlife control.
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