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First off, check out this link. Your favorite forum trouble maker is now famous on TC's website. Thanks to Steve.sexpa, for taking the kick butt photos.

Here is the email i just got form my contact at Total Chaos.

They have my xtra lca's with out ball joints. Muzikman told me he was going to send them one of his lca's that had no bushings. I have no idea if he sent them or not. But at least they are getting to work on the ones i sent. They can do what they want with them as long as we get more support from the aftermarket.


The R&D guys are taking a look at the arms today and tomorrow to see what they can come up with. I need your address to send you out this check that I have had sitting in my drawer for a week now. Also check out the following link, you might see someone you recognize!

Pat @ TCF Inc.

Total Chaos Fabrication Inc

159 North Maple, Unit J

Corona, CA 92880

Ph. 951-737-9682

Fx. 951-737-9006"
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