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took the X to a little drive...pix

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nothing special

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JAdams said:
LoPo said:
Hey lowhombre, where was that at?

If you want someone to go wheeling with, let me know. I bet we could get Jerry(JAdams) to join up to!
Let me know...I'm up for it. Looks like your up around the Stead/Cold Springs area?
yes, that was up there by red rock pass the rail road tracks. yeah we should all set a date to go wheeling with the X locals...
VanX said:
lowhombre said:
nothing special
You didn't drive the hec did you keep a white X so clean...I think you had it heli-lifted in for that pic. :geek:
I was surprise to see the truck clean in the pix, actually i havent washed the truck for almost 2 weeks and in reality it was very dirty... it must be the way the sun was shining on it...
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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