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After 2 months of saving some cash and sourcing parts, I finally got my hands on a nice M205 diff. It should be shipped out tomorrow.

Here's the list of parts and prices. I tried to source parts as cheap as possible. Everything is new except the M205 and UCAs.

M205 diff (used, 2011, under 1k miles) - $700

Stock Titan UCAs (used, 2011, under 6k miles) - $65

Dorman Titan LCAs
Cardone Titan CV Halfshafts - $254.95

PRG Tie Rod Extensions
Brake Lines
Camber Bolts - $199.00

Diff/Frame Bolts x3
Diff/Frame Nuts x2
Halfshaft Flange Bolts x12
Hub nuts x2
Hub cotter pin x2
Driveshaft Bolts x8
Driveshaft Nuts x8
Flange Seal x2
UCA Bolts x1
UCA Ball Joint Cotter Pin x 2 - $154.35

Total - $1373.3

Things I still need to get:

Synthetic Gear Oil
Wheel Spacers​

Let me know if I missed anything.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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