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Tires- I cant decide on my own

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I have three choices and i cant pull the trigger. i know it depends on my wheeling situation dirt,sand, rock anre the most common but i also wheel in snow and mud and i drive on the freeway to work everyday. here are my choices and for some reason i cant use image shack today
these are $665 installed and out the door
these are $675 installed and out the door
these are $715 installed and out the door

im not a tire dummy i was a tire tech for 2 years but i never cared about off road tires then so any imput would be great
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If you are looking at ProComp tires, look at the Xterrain or the Extreme AT's.
the x terrains are a lot more $$$$ and the place i am gonna get these said that the xtreme allterrain is not available in 285/75/16 when they called, and they will cost more im sure
IMO, the all terrains look real mild. I have seen them in person, and they are practially a highway tire. The Mud Terrain, is obviously just that. I would go with the DC FCII, it falls in the middle as an aggressive all-terrain. You will get more wear out of them then you would the MT, yet you'll get a lot more off-road ability than the AT.
I've had the MT's in the past and was very impressed with them overall. I'd go that rougte if it were me.
Are those prices for 5 tires?
That's the price for 4 tires.
I would go with the Cepeks. It's a badass desert tire.
You're in AZ man... I'm even pushin' the "practicality envelope" with my MTs in San Diego. Go with what makes sense.
y think im gonna go with the DC I had never seen them in person until yesterday and they look way cooler than the pick and the guy who had them(35s on and f-250) said they were good in the mud and dirt and good on pavement too so after christmas im goin for it.
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