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EDIT: I have a very good idea of what I am getting into; just looking for some anecdotes and/or reassurances.

I've had my '05 S for a little over a year, and had bought it with the timing chain whine knowing I would have to change it. I'm planning on tackling this next week, parts are in the mail. I have done timing belts before on an old 4Runner and am fairly mechanically inclined, however, I may hover towards the pedantic side and like to cover all bases ahead of time. I have read all the DIY posts on here, the Frontier forums, Nissanhelp, the TSB etc. but have just a couple small details I would like input on.

1. I have a manual transmission. I plan on keeping it in gear and 4lo, with E Brake on while removing the crank pulley. Will this suffice? Can I be comfortable with this as long as the wheels don't move? I know redundancy does not hurt, but I am not buying the specialty tool and am apprehensive about putting a screwdriver, or something similar, in the flywheel.

2. I would like to do this without pulling the valve covers. I plan to pull the timing cover and rotate by hand if I am 360 degrees off, to align everything according to the service manual. My main concern with this is removal of the cam sprockets since all of the torque will be on the chains (and still relying on the transmission to hold the engine). What is the propensity for the cams to move while doing this and after the sprockets are removed? Does anyone have any good or bad experiences doing it this way?

I appreciate any insight, thanks.
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