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2007 Xterra | Automatic | 80K

Last week I took my truck into Nissan as the SES light was on. As well as replacing both O2 sensors I had them look at my right front wheel bearing as I was getting a vibration from the front end. Yep, that was in need of replacing as well.

They mentioned my rotors needed replacing as there was a pulse in the pedal. I held off on this fix as I can do this once the weather gets warmer.

Which brings me to my newest noise. When slowing down at a stop sign there is a distinctive "ticka..ticka..ticka.." noise that slows down with wheel rotation. Would this be related to my rotors? Has anyone experienced this?

I'm 90% sure this noise was present before I had my wheel bearing replaced, but obviously not related directly to the bearing as that has been changed out.

Anyone have a clue on this one?

I wanted to check with the forum before bringing the truck back to Nissan.

Any input would be appreciated.

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