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This is how i connected my new battery.

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Okay guys, Alot of pics here so it should be a snap if you want to do this!!

This is the battery right after i disconnected it

This is the positive connections/ with the weird fuse pannel thingy after i disconnected the battery

These pics show how the connections wont reach the positive terminal on the battery

I bought this 2 guage battery cable at auto zone... and only used the small part of the cable that is shown. The rest i just threw away.

I bought another terminal connection at autozone and attached it to the small cable that i previously cut off.

This is the factory battery connection. I did this becaus i didnt have any extra screws and nuts hanging around. I needed the screw (pictured here) to connect the weird factory fuse box to the newly fabricated terminal connection.

And here are the rest of the pictures with everything connected

Everything turned out okay! I took it for a test drive and seems to work fine!!!!!
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Perfect! That is almost exactly how I did my battery setup. With that bolt through the battery cable it makes it easy to upgrade and add some amplifiers to your stereo!
Yeah well i dont need to run any more wires from the battery. Only the one you see here! Because (with a little help from MC), I have a small distributing block near the driver's peadals at the kickpannel.

**This distributing block is a 4 guage wire input (which is run from the battery with a 80 amp fuse) and two 8 guage wire outputs (which can both have up to 40 amp fuses)
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I did the same thing with an 0 gauge run for my amps.
Damn dude where did you find a Zero guage. The largest i could find was four guage. well the batterey cable from autozone was 2 guage but it wouldnt be near long enough.

And did you run the zero guage straight to your amp or did you run it to a distribution block?? I would love to see some pics of that!!
Not sure if the orbital has posts on the side or not. Some optima batteries do. If you run a winch or something that draws a lot of current you need to connect to the posts on top.

I like the setup!
nice job, makes for a clean set-up!
I ordered all of my interconnects and wire from Parts Express. I ran it the exact same way you did. If I get my camera back from my brother I will take some picts.
outstanding! MC
Good job!!
Okay guys just found this post at XOC and thought you guys might want to see it

Originally posted by miles:
[QB]So like I said here are the pics took me 15 mins to put it in....

any questions?
Awesome job. Being a fan of solder I would have also soldered the joint as well as clamped the wire on there, just in case the connection ever came lose.

Does that Optima Yellow Top just fit right in without any need to lengthen the wire?
Yeah, the Optima fits. but it's the small D35 not the D34.
My red top 34 fitted OK without any extension, I just did the same as 2NDX did and it fitted without any mods.

2NDX has a thread somewhere with pictures.
Scrabo said:
My red top 34 fitted OK without any extension, I just did the same as 2NDX did and it fitted without any mods.

2NDX has a thread somewhere with pictures.
That's because they make a reverse terminal Red 34. They don't in the Yellow Top.
The Optima Yellow-tops are a chronic brand. They're really good for powering electrical stuff in your ride. Great write-up!
S_e_X-Terra said:
I'd suggest adding something to cover that exposed positive battery post/connector, for safety reasons.
It should be easy to make a cover from something like a plastic bottle or, as USMC would do, from a plastic 3-ring binder.
Thanks Dpatton. Yeah I have another cover over the other part now, i just didnt snap a picture of it.
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