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Their really is a Santa Claus!!!

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Imagine my surprise when I got a call from my local Nissan dealer the Thursday before Christmas to hear that my 2007 Xterra had arrived, 3 weeks early! Apparently Nissan decided to move all December customer builds to the beginning of the month in order to get then sold before the end of the month. I just happened to be one of them!

I picked it up on Friday, 07 OR, MT, Midnight Blue, RF Audio, and yes dealer installed Sirius. For some reason, you can't order Sirius from the factory when you select a MT on an OR model, but they CAN do a dealer instal on it.

After a few days of driving I'm very happy with it. It has exceded my expectations. I've already done two mods - hardwired my ScanGuage II and installed GENTEX21.

Will post some pictures in short order. My camera died over the holiday and I'll have to make due with a video camera....
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sweet, congrats!!

and it's "there" not "their" by the way ;)
Congratulations man!
SWEET!!!! Yeah you have to get on those pics!!!!!!!! LOL, congrats!
Congrats on the new X!:cheers:
It's always nice when things come in earlier than expected (diasters excluded)
now update that sig line
Magic Rat said:
It's always nice when things come in earlier than expected (diasters excluded)
Add babies to that list of exclusions. :)
congrats on the early arrival
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