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Username: ThePlasticOne

Make: Nissan
Year: 2010
Model: Xterra
Trim: SE
Color: Silver Lightning

Mileage: 59800


Powertrain & Drive components:
  • Rear differential breather extension (01/13)
  • AMSOIL Ea filter (02/13 - thanks va06nissan!)
  • Stant locking gas cap (07/13 - thanks T100Trucker!)
  • Goodyear Wrangler Duratracs, 285/70-R17 (09/13)
  • EBC Greenstuff 6000 rear brake pads (07/15)
  • Stillen Metal Matrix front brake pads (12/15)
  • Raybestos Advanced Technology front rotors (12/15)
  • Airflow Snorkel (07/16 - thanks jfernengel89!)
  • Drag & Drift mushroom snorkel head (11/16)

  • Radflo 2.0 Extended, 600lb front coilovers with 1" spacer set (10/16 - thanks NissTec Scratch 'N Dent!)
  • Old Man Emu NitroCharger rear shocks, Dakar leaf packs with shims (01/13 - thanks rcheliman, rcheliman's friend Paul, and MainerX!)
  • Rear sway bar deleted (08/13)
  • NissTec adjustable rear shackles (10/13 - thanks Ricel and c3po!)


Interior and Electrical:
  • Title received (08/10)
  • Lightspeed and Plaid gears (03/11)
  • Passenger ejection button (03/11)
  • Proton torpedo launcher (a.k.a. Switch for Nefarious Purposes) (03/11)
  • Acu*Rite Indoor/Outdoor Temperature Gauge (05/11, removed 04/12)
  • OEM Autodimming Mirror with Compass and Temp (04/12 - Thanks jerseyparts!)
  • V-LEDS festoon bulbs (12/12)
  • Silly (cheap, almost useless) Smittybilt clinometer (01/13)
  • Raingler MIXN Mini Ceiling Net (02/13 - thanks dhyde79!)
  • Mirror mounted fog/turn signal combo lamps (01/13) removed 09/15 and replaced)
  • Xoskel Bumper Mouth Light Bracket (02/13 - thanks NEXTerra and rcheliman!removed 09/15)
  • Rigid Dually Flood lights with green optical covers (02/13 - thanks civicjoe!) RELOCATED 09/15)
  • Superbrightleds super duty LED bars with custom cages (04/13)
  • Accent/clearance lighting (04/13)
  • Midland 75-822 CB radio with 2' Firestick to Firering (thanks ryandavenport!), HD spring, quick disconnect
    (08/13 - thanks snowtrout for the battery holder!)
  • Utili-track fire extinguisher and shovel mount (08/13)
  • Blue Sea fuse box (08/13)
  • Backup beeper (08/13)
  • Raptor Automotive/Metra Electronics 15" amplified FM antenna
  • Wolo Big Bad Max installed in roof basket (11/13)
  • Lazy Bones Interior Rack (01/14)
  • iJDMToy LED reverse light bulbs (06/14)
  • Nilights LED backup lights (10/14)
  • Mirror-mounted LED bars (09/15) (replacing turn signal lamps)
  • Relocated Rigid Duallys to hood mount from bumper mouth (09/15)

  • Hefty Fabworks Engine Skid (03/12)
  • New bumper with RockyMtnX rear recovery brackets and shackles (06/12 - Thanks rcheliman, dave99w, and RockyMtnX!)
  • Hefty Fabworks Radiator Skid (08/12 - Thanks rcheliman!)removed 10/15
  • Hefty Fabworks NXRocks gas tank skid (09/12 - Thanks rcheliman!)
  • Custom White Knuckle sliders (10/12)
  • BoonDox-style recovery bracket tire carrier/"bumper" with backup sensors (10/13 - thanks BoonDox, chettacheez, and RockyMtnX!)
  • Shrockworks C200k rear differential cover (10/13)
  • Hefty Fabworks Transmission Skid (01/14)
  • Hardcore Offroad Front Bumper, low hoop, hawse fairlead (10/15)

Upcoming Mods:
[*]Volant CAI (thanks Ripper!), awaiting new MAF gasket
[*]Winch, TBA

Secondary Goals:
  • Utili-Track swap to unistrut
  • Drop-in roof basket
  • PIAA Superior Bass horn
  • Modular snorkel system
  • Hefty T-case skid

Dreaming about:
  • Complete repaint to a nice olive drab

Replacement List:
  • Both lower control arms (01/13 - seized)
  • Battery terminals replaced (06/13 -stretched out, caused intermittent power loss)
  • 3rd frame member to be replaced (broken weld nuts)
  • 4th frame member to be replaced (general trail carnage)
  • EBC Green Stuff 6000 front brake pads (two sets replaced, upgraded to Stillen)
  • Left front fender swapped for one with Airflow snorkel (07/16 - thanks jfernengel89!)
  • Old Man Emu 607 MD Front Coilovers (10/16 - upgraded to Radflo)

Recovery List:
  • Recovered by: Bass4Runner, 07/08/13
  • Recovered: Bass4Runner, 07/08/13
  • Recovered by: rcheliman, 07/21/13
  • Recovered by: DirtySocks, 08/17/13
  • Recovered by: Bass4Runner, 02/09/14
  • Recovered by: DirtySocks, 02/09/14

Lego Version:

Featured on 2013 ECXC shirt:

Mark 1:

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I never realized the 08+ had light colored roof rack bars. Very interesting. Yea, I think the dark ones would look nice on your X.

Btw, you said you used Testers on the emblems. How is that holding for you? I had some spray Testers I used once on some non-auto related plastics and metals, and while it "stayed" it had a tendency to be easily scratchable and "transferred" onto other things if it was lightly hit against it.

I'd pass on painting the truck green, but then again.. I'm a bias silver X owner ;). Looking forward to see what you do with your truck :).

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did you have to pull him out afterwards? because i see no path out for him lol
I so totally wanted to try, but we ended up breaking out the shovels. Plus, no straps to tow with.

Btw, you said you used Testers on the emblems. How is that holding for you? I had some spray Testers I used once on some non-auto related plastics and metals, and while it "stayed" it had a tendency to be easily scratchable and "transferred" onto other things if it was lightly hit against it.
It's holding up nicely, did them about four months ago. Not that I get into situations where my badges would get scratched up, but it's a few layers of enamel under a simple acrylic sealant, so it's fairly durable for what it is.

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pretty freakin handy aren't they?

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why pick those over the raingler handles?
I'm a broke-ass graduate student and wanted instant gratification :p

I'll get a set of Rainglers eventually and just move this set up to the front of the rails.

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DSC_8640 by theXterrance

Shields up! XterraCanuck's OEM vent visors got put on, just in time for the first warm weekend of the year! Rear mudflaps were also removed, probably doing the fronts this weekend.

And as I posted in another thread, another Star Wars-y mod:

Punch it, Chewie!

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Hey the trucks looking good.

I like the side markers. Do you have any more detail on those? Did you wire them to blink?

The side markers are wired directly into their respective front turn signals and they blink for turning and four-way (now six-way :) ) flashing; they do not burn with parking lights.

This is probably the best write-up explaining how to do the wiring. If you want mirror turn signals like mine, you'll have to run wires from your mirrors into the cabin, then through the firewall to the matching headlight - see my heated mirror how-to for doing that.

one4teen rewired his stock side markers to blink - same thing, just using onboard equipment.

The side markers themselves are $10 shipped on eBay ( Go for yellow or amber to err on the side of legal - mine are amber, which I'm not sure if I like or not. I might switch to yellow in the future (I do, however, get an interesting yellow-amber-red transition going on with my turn signals). The ambers are closer to a true orange when they light up.

I chose the arrow design and mounting position because I wanted a side marker that could be seen from front, back or side in a conspicuous area - it actually creates a pretty significant field of illumination which is reflected off my doors, which I like. I should note that they're a little on the cheap side - I sealed mine with some silicone just in case.

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nice. thanks. Those are cool.

Ive been looking into this for a while, Im just not sure what lights I want to use and where on the side mirrors I want to put them. I saw a truck the other day that just had what looked like a single led blinking in the side mirror housing, like behind the mirror. It was very effective.

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what the hell was that?

Plastic One! she's gone to plaid!


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1000 posts!

As I reach another milestone on thenewx, so does my truck - my first Hefty skid arrived last week. I wanted this post to show off the painted skid (which will be green) but I just couldn't wait the extra few days before I could take it into the spray booth - now I can reply to other people's posts!

Once it's painted and mounted, I will finally be able to stick these on:

(Okay, still a little poserish since I only have one, but I'm counting the factory rad skid :p)

Hoping to get White Knuckles and bigger tires this year - Calliope's Revenge is taking its first step towards true rig status :thumbup:

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Updated again, with more Plasti-Dip!

Full plastics blackout plus green side steps and grille sections:

Was thinking about doing the bumper too, but I ran out of 'Dip as I finished the bumper step so I figured I'd leave it for another day (or keep it the way it is).

Also Dipped the hook:

At this point I'm very strongly considering spraying the rest of the truck with clear Plasti-Dip and seriously changing my name to ThePlastiDippedOne.
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