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Updated for 2018, here is your VAXC Leadership Team

VAXC - here are your team members.
( team page)


Garth- President

Board Members

Vice President : Carrie (gonmudn)

Treasurer(role open)

Secretary(role open)

Officers will be the local POCs throughout the state. Right now we have the state broken out into 4 major areas. In the future we may look into breaking some of the bigger regions in half. You can reach out to officers to set up local mod days or for anything else you might need spur of the moment. Think of officers as the people you can call on when you need a suggest for a local mechanic, need help with an install, or just have a question about something general. By establishing officers it does not mean I am asking members to stop the current way things work by posting here or Facebook. I just ask everyone to remember that these guys are local and are there to help out when you need it.

NOVA - Travis
Hampton Roads- open Role
Central VA - open Role
SW/Roanoke Area - Will Saric
Charlottesville/Valley Area - TJ Mcvicker

WebMaster- Kyle(Cal)- Kyle took over the maintenance of the this summer and is solely responsible for our clean and user friendly site we have now. If you have any questions at all about the site or any suggestions, be sure to reach out to Kyle to get them addressed. Without Kyle we would not have that presence we have right now online, so a big thank you to him for the time and effort put into keeping us online.

Well there you have it everyone, your VAXC team. As stated before - when changes are needed to be made they will be addressed accordingly. Just be establishing these team members does not mean we are any different. We still are an open club with the intention to "Have fun and wheel respectfully with respectful people"

Thank you all for sticking with me as I get us to a great place. I know it's been a ride so far, but I promise we will get there and it will be totally worth the trip. Remember -Virginia is for Xterras!
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