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Username: Fromfrontier2Xterra

Make: Nissan
Year: 2013
Model: Xterra
Trim: S
Color: Metallic Blue


1) Weathertech mats, black; front, rear, & cargo
2) LED map lights, rear roof light, cargo roof light.
3) Stubby rear headrests

1) Stubby Antenna
2) Stock foglights w/ stalk
3) Mudflaps removed
4) Maxterra rear bumper w/ tire carrier & reverse lights
5) Stealthed wheels
6) Stealthed rear badges, Stealthed and Painted front grill w/ custom front burger
7) Bedlined rear quarters/steps
8) Dephep Rack w/ expanded metal floor
9) Raingler Net for Dephep
10) Gobi Ladder

1) Heftyfab Front Bumper
2) Heftyfab skid plate set
3) Shrockworks C200 Diff Cover
4) Shrockworks sliders
5) Boulder Ironworx shock skids
6) P&P Engineering Rear Corners

Front: Radflo 600# Extended Travel Coilvers, SPC UCA's
Rear: Alcan 3" 450lbs leaf packs, PRG adjustable shackles set to 1", Radflo 2.0 Emulsions 3-5", PRG U-bolt flip kit

1) Volant CAI 12740
2) Breather filter on front diff breather tube
3) Rear diff breather extension
4) Dynomax catback exhuast
5) Bullydog GT Tuner
6) IMS

Mickey Thompson Baja ATZ P3 285/75/16 (Fit w/ melt mod)

Level 8 Guardians 16x8.5

1) Cobra 19 DX IV
2) Firestik II 3' black antenna
3) Firestik 18' Coax Cable
4) Firestik heavy duty spring
5) Firestik stud mount
6) 24" LED light bar mounted on front bumper
7) HID retro fit with turn signal halo

Recovery & Trail Gear:
1) Smittybilt Winch
2) ARB 715 snatch strap
3) ARB 505 E-Z deflator
4) Craftsman 154 piece set
5) Craftsman torque wrench
6) Gerber Multi-tool
7) Tarp - well because you never know when you'll need one.

Future wants/needs:
1) Doug Thorley headers
2) ARB rear locker


First day home.

Shocker Run with nothing but lift.

Lifted, skids, sliders, custom front burger & rear bumper

As she sits today:

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Woah, I've been so consumed with my recent changes I missed yours!

Tire bumper looks sweet. When did you order the diff cover? Ordered mine around the time of Shocker Run, and they said they were shipping it about 2 weeks ago, and I still don't have it!

Also, you're going to love having the CB. Makes trail riding with others a totally different, and far superior experience in my opinion. I have mine in the arm rest/console as well and really like it there.

One question, where did you get that stubby antenna? I assume it just screws in? I think I might have to check that out because I'm tired of mine whacking into branches when I'm on a trail and rattling loose and then I have to get out and take it off. If the stubby performs similarly that may be worth the upgrade!

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I ordered mine a little after Shocker Run. I'm going to take another look at it when I get back from Chicago. I've been so busy with work I haven't had a chance to call Mark.

Hopefully, UPS and the powder coating gods will be kind and I get the sliders and skids soon too.

The antenna whacking off everything is the exact reason I went with the stubby. I got it from . Now I have the cb and am going to have the same issue. Oh we'll, I can take that off and only use when on the trail. Haha

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I had the same issue with the diff cover. Mine wouldn't line up. All but 1 holes were fine. They told me it warped during welding and sent me out another which fit just right. I didn't powdercoat it though, just bedliner with silver over top. Cant justify powdercoating skids.

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Thanks for the link on the stubby, I'll have to check that out.

Regarding the CB, because my X lives in an urban area parking garages are a somewhat common reality I face. For that reason I went ahead and installed my antenna on both a Firestik heavy duty spring and Firestik quick disconnect. I really like the quick disconnect because I can leave the antenna on most of the time, but yank it off quick, without tools, if I need to. I like leaving it on most of the time so I can at a moments notice turn on the CB to hear what truckers are saying about road conditions/accidents and such.

My only complaint about the quick disconnect is that it pivots on 1 pin, and since I mounted mine near the base of the windshield I can sometimes hear it bounce back and forth. But I don't think you'd have to worry about that with it mounted at the rear.

Anyways, we'll have to find a time in the not too distant future to test out your new armor and CB and my new suspension! If we really push it we can even try the winch! :)

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Looking good! Any update on you're sliders/skids order?
No. Not yet. We are now two weeks past my supposed ship dates on both orders. Have now been told two shipdates for my skids and it is now past the second one. Have been told "they're finishing production this week" twice. The sliders were supposed to be finished at the powder coaters on Tues and ship sometime last week. Which is also a second ship date I was given for those. My patience is wearing thin.

I don't mind waiting, but I hate being told multiple ship dates and them not being met either time. :banghead:

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Update: Sliders FINALLY shipped. Supposed to be here tomorrow. I was planning on installing my lightbar Saturday. Gonna try to fit in sliders now too. If not Sat, probably Monday evening. Pics to come.

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Glad to hear the sliders shipped, they give you a lot of piece of mind knowing they (along with the skids) are there when you hear a loud bump!

That MaxGear Vehicle Armor sticker, did that come from Maxterra with the bumper?
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