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The last word on MT fluids!

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Ok, so I HAVE to run synthetics in everything- it's just what I do (makes me sleep better at night or something...). That and my manual shifts a little rough for my tastes.
So at 1100 miles I swithched over to Amsoil MTG 75W-90. Seemed a little better.
At 3300 miles I went to Redline MT-90 (again a 75W-90) and noticed maybe a hair better shifting.
Well, now that it's winter I can barely shift into 2nd until the tranny warms up. Even though it's on synthetic with excellent cold-flow properties it looks like the 90W is a little too thick.
So I mixed up a batch of 3.5 qts. of Redline MTL (70W-80) and one qt. of the MT-90. This gives me a kinematic viscosity @ 100deg C of 11.71 which is right in the range of the factory fill of 75W-85 but is only a kinematic viscosity @ 40deg C of 63.71 which is lower (thinner) than factory specs.
In essence I now have a fluid that is within factory viscosity range at operating temps but far thinner at colder temps than can be achieved by any dino oil, all while having the anti-wear benefits of a premium synthetic!
Will have to give it some time to tell for sure, but it looks like this is the way to go. Oil from Jeg's costs $8/qt for a grand total of $40 worth of fluids.
So far it shifts great at all outside temperatures!
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Same for second gen- must use a GL-4 rated fluid for the manual tranny....
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