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The last word on MT fluids!

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Ok, so I HAVE to run synthetics in everything- it's just what I do (makes me sleep better at night or something...). That and my manual shifts a little rough for my tastes.
So at 1100 miles I swithched over to Amsoil MTG 75W-90. Seemed a little better.
At 3300 miles I went to Redline MT-90 (again a 75W-90) and noticed maybe a hair better shifting.
Well, now that it's winter I can barely shift into 2nd until the tranny warms up. Even though it's on synthetic with excellent cold-flow properties it looks like the 90W is a little too thick.
So I mixed up a batch of 3.5 qts. of Redline MTL (70W-80) and one qt. of the MT-90. This gives me a kinematic viscosity @ 100deg C of 11.71 which is right in the range of the factory fill of 75W-85 but is only a kinematic viscosity @ 40deg C of 63.71 which is lower (thinner) than factory specs.
In essence I now have a fluid that is within factory viscosity range at operating temps but far thinner at colder temps than can be achieved by any dino oil, all while having the anti-wear benefits of a premium synthetic!
Will have to give it some time to tell for sure, but it looks like this is the way to go. Oil from Jeg's costs $8/qt for a grand total of $40 worth of fluids.
So far it shifts great at all outside temperatures!
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They rave about that redline MT-90 on ttora. My buddy put it in his tacoma a few months ago and said he didnt notice any difference in shifting vs. the dino oil, but when it was cold he couldn't shift at all. It sounds like, it is better for warmer climates.
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