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This is another one of my inherited projects, because Polar Bear jumped ship and left it hanging. But I am still curious to see what 2ndGen, [2005-2010], Xterras on this site were still going strong despite a lot of miles on their rigs. And that being said, I'm continue maintain this thread for these 2ndGen's... :D

So, give me this information and I'll post it below in its mileage location.

Mileage | Year | Trim | Trans | Comments | Username

And if you have nothing to do, in comments list you Mods, when parts were replacement, problem areas, Mileage updates, etc.
Mileage | Year | Trim | Trans | Comments | Username
376,428 | 2005 | SE | 5AT | New Radiator after original failure back in 2009. Poor Man's Tranny flush every 15,000 miles. Differential fluid changes every two years. Both Universal Joints R & R. Most reliable vehicle I have every owned! Oh yeah, the roar in the Rear End has been there for over 250,000 miles. Just keep that Diff fluid R & R - still no leaks! Engine never burns a drop of oil. Tranny and engine have never been unbolted from vehicle. Timing Chain and Guides all changed at 300,000 miles, new Water Pump and converted from mechanical to Electric Cooling Fans. This baby is reliable - Happy Motoring! No leaks. Engine never burns a drop of oil. New radiator back in 09. Tranny and engine have never been unbolted from vehicle. Poor man's flush every 15,000 miles. Timing chain and guides all changed at 300,000 miles, new water pump and converted from mechanical to electric cooling fans. This baby is reliable! Updated: (11/01/16) Just went over 350,000 miles on her today. That whine in the rear end has been there over 200,000 miles now. I just change out that diff fluid with Royal Purple every couple of years. Still no leaks! Updated: (11/30/19) Whoa! Lots of Xterra's showing just how reliable this vehicle this is. Congrats to all over 200,000 miles. Stay on it and it will last. Still no leaks. No burning oil on original engine. 376k miles. | Texterra

364,000 | 2005 | SE | ? | Still running strong. Updated: (11/01/20) Hey, I'm the original owner of a with 364,000, but due to Corona I've had a lot more time on my hands, so I decided to do some Front End work, everything was all original, I replaced my Inner and Outer Tie Rods, they were really worn, but felt no difference, I replaced the Sway Bar Links, felt that, Steering got tighter, now I'm hearing Ball Joint Rattling, just ordered the uppers, will be replacing this weekend, I change my Oil every 5k miles, and add a Quart of Lucas Oil, just had the line that runs from my Heater Core to the Engine break off and basically crumble, the replacement was Aluminum, my Service Engine Soon Light is "ON" due to something with the Gas Tank Pressure, not sure exactly, but it only comes on if I let the Gas get low, the truck runs great, not sure I will ever let it go. | 1Bravo4Xray1

| 2008 | S | 5AT | Alternator replaced, pre-emptive replaced the Radiator with aftermarket. Replaced Heater Core at 210,000 - just replaced all the Timing Chains and Water Pump (they were just starting to whine; on removal the Guides had worn, and they were just starting to touch the Tensioners.) Other than that just maintenance items - Spark Plugs, Filters, Shocks, Coil Overs, and fluids. Still going strong. Updated: (04/25/18) - My 340,000 well maintained VQ neither burns nor leaks oil. I put 5.5 quarts in at every change (yes, I know that's 0.1 quart much) and leave it to the next oil change. In the Mantra of Everything you need and nothing you don't - If you maintain your VQ properly you can throw your dipstick away and plug the hole. Good on Nissan for not wasting any money designing an unneeded dipstick! Updated: (08/01/19) - Only additional maintenance since last update is I did the CAT's at about 320,000. That was the second one for drivers, first for passenger. Updated: (07/12/20) - So I'll do a little update to stay current. About this time last year, I bought my wife a new RAV4 - so I was able to retrieve my Frontier from her and the X is no longer our DD - it now has 357,000 - so only 5000 miles in a year - mostly short trips close by. Still my favorite to drive. It did throw a P0171 which turned out to be a primary air/fuel (oxygen) sensor - replaced with a Denso and it solved the problem. Recently I noticed the A/C was warm at idle and found out the electric fan wasn't working - so I replaced that. It helped with the AC but it's still not super cold at idle - but it is when driving so no idea what's up there. Otherwise, everything works fine. Unfortunately, it doesn't get driven that much anymore. | idn88

| 2005 | S | 5AT | Owned since November 2006, with 31,000 miles on it. Uses about 1/2 liter of oil between oil changes, Rad replaced with cutoff at about 100,000 miles. | Runningdog

| 2005 | S | 5AT | I drive about 1000km a week for work. Haven't had to do a lot of stuff to her just the rad, control arms, fuel sending unit, cats, and just routine things like brakes, tires, ball joints, bearings, sway bar links, that's about it. Thinking I need to do the timing chain and rear bearing soon. I'm a sales rep so I drive a lot for work. Thinking I should be up over a half million Km (310 Miles) by the end of summer. | Fog Ducker

| 2005 | SE | 5AT | The X runs as strong as ever, and while I hate to jinx myself, few things have been done to it except for the transmission rebuild several years back (due to the design flaw / radiator fluid getting into the trans). Two days ago, I replaced the hatch door struts, I'm on my second battery, I've had the brakes done once, on the 4th set of tires and no other work that I recall except routine maintenance. For all of the vehicles I've owned, the X surpasses them all for quality and durability. I've taken my X through some really tough terrain enroute to hiking destinations, and without any mods to the suspension it's a testament to the original design. I am almost embarrassed to say that the plugs have been changed once, probably around 125k miles or so. Updated: (01/17/18) Since I retired in 2013 and having another vehicle, the miles on the X have slowed down considerably. Late last year it barely passed smog as the original cats are throwing codes and illuminating the check engine light. The cats cost way more than I would pay for here in California, so we'll see how it goes for the next year or two. The X has been the best auto I have ever owned. Most comfortable (for an SUV) and functional rig around, fitting my usage and lifestyle perfectly. Kind of kicking myself for not buying another instead of the other vehicle I have. Still running strong, no other issues to report since my last check in. Updated: (09/07/18) finally put over 300,000 on the odometer the other day. Almost didn't make it with a blown heater Hose issue that I had come to believe was a blown Head Gasket after my initial repair, (around 299,800 miles). Thankfully it wasn't a Head Gasket, just an air pocket in the coolant causing problems. | ShawnInPaso

305,000 | 2006
| S | 5AT | Thanks! Vehicle Modifications: Titan-swap, Body Lift, Sliders, full Skid Plates, ARB Front Bumper, ShrockWorks Rear Bumper, Snorkel. Only major repair was replacing the Cat. Everything else was preventative or regular wear and tear. I hope to get another year out of the engine and then drop a new one in to stay ahead of the game. Updated: (08/19/16) Still going strong and only had to replace the Catalytic Converter to this point. It's been to 20 States so far. Hoping to add a bunch more in the next few years. Updated: (07/24/22) Just hit 305,000. | Greg Azar

| 2006 | OR | 6MT | Replaced the Cats at about 150,000 miles, Plugs at approximately 220,000 miles. Previously replaced the Rear Shocks. At about 275,000 replaced the Radiator, Water Pump, Thermostat, Brakes Rotors & Pads all the way around. The A/C has seen minor repairs for leaking fittings but is otherwise original and blows cold. I do Standard Oil Changes at 5-7K. Presently the CEL is on, and I believe the Cats need to be changed again. The Front End is also vibrating, and work needs to be done there, but since I will be getting a new vehicle when the 2021 Models come out, my mechanic advised me to drive it as is. Overall, the most reliable vehicle that I have ever owned, and I would buy another if they were still available, or a Frontier if they still offered a Manual Transmission in the new model, which unfortunately they have eliminated. Looks like a 2021 Toyota Tacoma to get the Manual Transmission. | Barrister

| 2007 | S | 5AT | Replaced transmission, rear axle, radiator, (thank you Xterra Designer for that screw up), O2 sensors. Just had heater hose break off so that is being replaced. Seems I'm always replacing pads and rotors. Blower, window resistors. | Me1234

| 2007 | S | 6MT | My Xterra is now at 209,500 and still on that original clutch. Getting ready to do the timing chain (long past due) and put on some new tires. Also have a burned-out window motor to replace. Along the way have replaced the radiator, front wheel bearings, 3 sets of tires, plugs, shocks and springs. Updated: (10/24/19) Getting it ready to go on a 700-mile trek as I move South. | black north ny

| 2006 | S | 5AT | Maintenance: Replaced transmission at 236,000 over SMOD. Brakes, Rotors, Fuel Pump, MAF Sensor, A/F Ratio Sensors, Brake Booster, Throttle Body, Accelerator Pedal. Some of these items weren't "BAD", I just wanted to replace them because of age. | eternallyfalling2004

| 2007 | S | 5AT | Oil / Filter every 5,000. Fluids for Trans / Transfer case / Both axles / Coolant every 30,000 miles. Nobody has ever worked on my Xterra except me. Original owner. Only regular fluids until 75,300 08/5/11 Replaced washer seals passenger front caliper due to leak. Installed camber bolts. Replaced brake fluid. --- 98,000 miles, timing chain and guides. Replaced spark plugs. --- 128,000 02/14/14 New Bilstein shocks on front, (rears still original). Driver window motor and regulator. Right front inside brake pad was thin. --- 138,000 Front and rear U-joints (junk AutoZone, didn't know better). Replaced front seal on transfer case. --- 171,000 Changed brake fluid. --- 175,000 Cylinder 1 misfire, replaced the bad coil pack. --- 175,000 06/5/16 Changed spark plugs. Noticed driver side valve cover is leaking oil into spark plug well. --- 186,000 02/16/17 Passenger side valve cover now leaking oil downside of engine. --- 189,000 Changed driver side valve cover. --- 191,000 06/8/17 Replaced radiator only as a precaution. Upper and lower radiator hoses, thermostat, rubber radiator mounts and OEM foam, serpentine belt. All items were in outstanding condition! Radiator looked brand new inside! --- 194,000 07/20/17 Replaced all rear turn and brake light bulbs after one burned out. Replaced #5 coil pack. --- 199,000 10/14/17, Blackstone lab results came back outstanding. Found Oil Cooler O ring leaking, replaced it. Replaced both motor mounts. --- 199,400 10/23/17, Replaced rear U Joint, this time with Spicer life series. Driveshaft bolts and nuts replaced with that job. --- 206,000 03/25/18 Replaced passenger side valve cover. Replaced all spark plugs due to the oil leaking into the spark plug well. Replaced coil pack #2. Replaced both cam phase adjusters' gaskets because one of them was weeping oil. New hose that connects valve covers, and the hose that connects valve cover to air intake. Replaced plastic coolant to heater core pieces. The small outside one had totally degraded and fell apart when I tried to take it off! Cleaned throttle body. Replaced upper plenum gaskets since I took it off to do the passenger valve cover. --- 225,000 07/21/19 Bearing on end of transmission shift cable broke at the shifter. Replaced the rubber bearing. --- 241,000 10/17/20, No crank with single "click" sound. IPDM is still the original white unit, so went ahead and replaced it with the updated one and included the matching lid with the correct diagram inside it for the new IPDM. --- 242,500 12/01/20, Noticed signs there was fluid at the output shaft for the transmission so I replaced both the seal and the dust boot. So little fluid was lost that it didn't even show up on the dipstick. Airbag light was on, so I replaced the clock spring. ----- Other than front shocks, all suspension is original. I know at some point I replaced the driver front wheel bearing but somehow didn't document it. ----- No rattles. Still drives like new, no joke. Currently has a rough idle and needs cats cleaned or replaced. Driver seat is badly worn, and I have purchased a full set of original seat covers to bring them all back to like new. Best vehicle I've ever owned, and it will kill us when we finally have to sell it. Like getting rid of your loyal dog, how could you do that?! ----- 250,000 07/26/21, I just had to share, and you guys are the only ones who would give a flip. When we bought our Xterra in 2007 I remember being offered the 100,000-mile Warranty and me thinking that was a LOT of miles. I then switched over to Pennzoil Ultra Platinum and they offered a 250,000-mile Engine Warranty. Holy cow I thought I would NEVER drive that many miles. I just passed 250,000 miles. Last week I finally replaced the Starter for the first time. All drivetrain is untouched otherwise, (and I replaced the Valve Covers because they leaked). Left Front Wheel Bearing. Driver Side Power Window Motor. Blower Motor. Radiator. That's all that has broken. But I do over maintain the hell out of it. Any sign of a fluid leak is taken care of as soon as I spot it, etc. No smoke on startup, drives perfectly. We still take it on cross country trips. | JeffInDFW

| 2006 | SE | 5AT | Original Owner - Front Wheel Hubs, Front Rotors 3x, Fuel Sender Unit, Cats, Rad, Timing Chains and Tensioners, Heater Core Supply Line, Water-pump, Mobil 1 from day 1. I LOVE THIS TRUCK!!! I have had is so many places that other 2wd SUVs (and some 4wds) just didn't have the guts to get to. I drive ~ 100+ miles a day for work and often take long road trips camping and exploring. I have done most of the mechanical myself including the work on the front end of the engine. Runs like new. | AzK9PAL

| 2007 | OR | 6MT | SOLD XTERRA: Radiator replaced. Passenger Hub replaced. Synthetic fluids since day one. Still runs like it's new. Updated: (09/20/16) My X was at 240k when I Sold it. | alkeli

| 2006 | OR | 6MT | Still running strong. Original owner. No major issues other than regular maintenance. Replaced one set of Cats at 95k and the other set at 115k. Updated: (06/05/15) Did the Timing Chain and Guides at 120k. Need to replace my Radiator soon. | Vorian

| 2006 | OR | 5AT | Runs like a champ but tranny is getting iffy. | timmytoast

| 2009 | X | 5AT | To be fair, I am not the first owner of my X. But the original owner was a fishing guide, and he was obsessive on the maintenance. Handed me a huge packet of receipts. New rear end installed, new brakes, regular oil changes and tires, the list was endless. He did the radiator to avoid SMOD. Regular Maintenance Info: When I change the oil, I dump in a quart of Hyper Lube first. Been using it since the 1980's and it works. Unlike many other additives it does what it says. I don't beat the rig at all. I just replaced the front struts and rear shocks by myself with KYB stuff ... and I am 67 years old LOL. Had to change one part under the top center engine cover to make that pesky CEL light go out. Runs great, shifts great, rides gr....wait...rides like an Xterra. (laughs) Mileage is okay and since gas went up, I drive it like Grandpa Jones. Wait... I AM a grandpa. Installed a good hitch on the rear and put a lock on it. No other work really except a recent tune up. But I only bought it last October. | RobertMBlevins

| 2005 | S | 5AT | Regular maint 5x's poor man's flush, radiator replaced at 100k, chain guide at 76k. | xterramex

| 2005 | OR | 6MT | SOLD XTERRA: Purchased new. Fuel gauge, universal joint, rear shocks, radiator replaced after breaking. Still on first clutch and timing belt. Beat the hell out of it but would not break. Only just sold last week to get last chance at new one, which just broke 100 miles. | PeterOliver

| 2007 | OR | 6MT | Purchased in 2021 with 215,000 miles. Maintenance: Replaced Timing Chain, new Clutch at 190,000, Cam and Crankshaft Sensors and Oil Changes every 3k miles. | jkearl-456

| 2005 | SE | 5AT | Bought June 2012 w/ 40K miles. Regular maintenance since then -Oil (185,000), spark plugs (2013), K&N air filter (2014- Cleaned @ 185,000), Transfer / Differential drain & fill (140,000), Rear diff (185,000), Transmission drain & fill (185,000), Cabin air filter (171,000). New radiator and tranny (Aug 2012). Replaced Coolant temp. switch and thermostat. U-joints replaced (144,000) New battery at (159,225), new brakes and rotors (161,000), new Evaporated Canister valve and FSU (174,000), Evaporated canister (176,000) and regular tire rotation every 3K miles. Updated: (10/02/19) Currently Broke Down - LOL | Polar Bear

| 2006 | OR | 5AT | Bought in 2010 w/179k miles. U-joints around 150k miles. Fixed rear driver's side door handle not working at about 175k miles. A/C high pressure switch around 195k Miles. Swapped out factory suspension for a NissTec complete OME kit around 210k miles Replace rear axle bearings/seals around 215k miles. Previous owner did heavy off roading and stopped up the rear diff breather. | mxblitz

222,300 | 2005 | SE | ? | 3 CATS Replaced, Fuel Sending Unit Replaced, and regular maintenance and tune ups. No Timing Chain job done at all. No timing chain whine yet. | Samuel Yi

| ? | ? | ? | He's got most people on this site beat. | T-REXterra

| 2006 | SE | 5AT | Bought the 2wd in January at 216k and have driven about 65 miles a day on average. Changed Oil shortly after getting it and a U-joint. Runs and drives great. | Aaron

| 2006 | S | 5AT | SOLD XTERRA: I Had 177,000 miles when I bought it, up to 199,000 miles now. According to Carfax, (Before I purchased it): Fuel Pump Replaced at 84,000 miles. Battery replaced once. Regular Oil Changes performed. Since I’ve had it I’ve done these things: At Roughly 180,000 miles I flushed and changed the Transmission Fluid. Performed the Radiator Bypass, (although there were no issues that I was aware of, did it just as a precautionary). Replaced the Rear U-joint, (it was badly worn when I got it). I noticed that the front U-joint was new when changing the rear one, so it had been replaced just prior to me getting the vehicle. At Roughly 198,000 miles I Replaced the Primary Cats, (Passenger Side was blown into the secondary cat, both sides were throwing codes.). Gutted the Secondary Cats. Replaced all the Spark Plugs. Replaced the #1 Coil Pack. Replaced the Plenum Gasket. I have some more work coming up, brake pads and rotors for sure. At 199,000 miles I imagine there are some more things coming my way, but I'm trying to plan out and get ready for some of those things, so they don't hit me all at once. Power and Performance are Great!! I really love this vehicle. Replaced: Radiator & Serpentine Belt at 216,000 miles. The Radiator failed during a commute to work, just began pouring water from around the top seem where the plastic meets the metal. Replaced with a Carquest Radiator. Replaced Serpentine belt while I was there. Rear U-joint at 217,000 miles. Had a little slack in it and was causing some vibration. Last one only lasted about 45,000 miles. Front Brakes and Rotors at 217,500 miles. Warped Rotors and Worn Pads. Changed Rear Diff Fluid at 217,900 miles. Front U-joints at 218,000 miles. Still running great, leaks some oil around the valve covers that I plan on addressing before winter. Gearing up for a Timing Chain replacement as well, because it's never been done to my knowledge. | Liriodendron

219,000 | 2007 | OR | 6MT | Last thing that failed on me is the power steering rack bushings, so I replaced the entire rack. I've also had to replace the driveshaft (at just under 200k miles), front wheel bearings (much earlier, but since I went with Timkens, no issues), and I've replaced the entire suspension several times (mostly to get upgraded capacity). And the fan resistor. | ronaprhys

| 2010 | OR | 5AT | SOLD XTERRA: And if you have nothing to do, regular maintenance info: I hit all of the regularly scheduled maintenance marks. I replaced my hoses around 160,000 miles after a pinhole leak appeared. I also had to replace my rear axle bearings after a rear axle seal failed around 180,000 miles. When I was originally looking at the X, I was also looking at a Ridgeline and a Dodge Ram. What put the X over the top for me was two friends who each had Nissan Pathfinders with over 250,000 miles. They said they stuck with regular maintenance, and their Nissan's ran forever. As I close in on 200K, I know I made the right choice. I have owned a Jeep CJ-7, two Ford Broncos, a Jeep Cherokee Sport... and a Saturn... and this is the best vehicle I have ever owned. Updated: (11/07/17) U-joints, both cats, and hoses. Did the radiator bypass, and had a rear seal go bad. Never left me on the side of the road... Not once. | chaunce99

| 2006 | S | 6MT | Bought at 143,000 miles. Rebuilt Rear Diff myself along with new Seals and Wheel Bearings. Old Man EMU Rear Dakar Leaf Packs when purchased due to major Spring Sag. LOKKA Mechanical Locker installed in Front Diff around 170k to prevent grenading Spider Gears, (too poor for a Titan-swap). Front Wheel Bearings replaced around 200k along with new CV Axles. Original Clutch lasted to 200,000! Replaced with a Luk Clutch Kit along with a new Flywheel. Transmission still Shifts buttery smooth. At same time new Cats and O2 Sensor. Just replaced Timing Chains this week along with new Coil Packs all around. A couple of new Alternators along the years from Deep Water Crossings. New Front Driveshaft replaced Rear U-joint once or twice. Changed all fluids at needed intervals, only use Amsoil Oil. Looking forward to hitting the 300,000 mark ! | nthomps

| 2007 | SE | 5AT | Bought it last year, nothing other than regular maintenance. Updated: (06/25/17) Replaced 2 Ignition Coils and the Front Cats. | makuta

| ? | ? | ? | ... Not even worth mentioning with these Titans of the road. | toaste

| 2007 | SE | 6MT | Just completed the ALCAN highway as part of a nearly 7000 miles between jobs road trips!!!!!!! Let me first say that this X sees more abuse than average for sure. Had water coming in the doors in the Florida swamp then turned around and drove to Alaska without a proper wash. This thing has been coast to coast multiple times and actually driven in both oceans as well as the Gulf of Mexico! So, getting down to business, here's the damage. Two big items, clutch and timing chain at around 206K. Could have been done sooner. Two failed coils. One primary cat as a consequence of the coil failure. One junkyard leaf spring (air bags do all the work so I didn't bother with new). One blower motor and resistor. One window motor. Master window switch. Struts, brakes, tires and other normal stuff as you would expect. I do burn a little oil as a result of letting my bad CAT go too long... I can honestly say I have put this rig through hell, and I am very thankful for what I got in return. If you're reading this thread debating how long to run your X, my advice is forever. Keeping the car, you got is better for the environment than buying a new hybrid!! | hn286409

| 2005 | S | 5AT | Replaced Tranny and Radiator at 150K. Updated: (07/05/16) Turned over 211,000 last month driving the Mojave Trail. Engine strong like Bull. | CAWoody

| 2006 | S | 2wd | 6MT | I do a base of 50 miles per day on it, so it should creep up in mileage steadily. Maintenance - Oil every 5000, Just had the Timing Chain / Guide replaced, Antifreeze replaced and Just added Pioneer AVIC6200 w/ new Speakers. Updated: (10/03/19) Had to replace the Catalytic Converters at 150,000-ish and the Clutch at 153,000. Updated: (06/18/21) Update mileage to 196,879. Updated: (10/11/21) Update mileage to 201,000 and replaced Charcoal Filter. About to replace Brakes and Windshield Washer Tank. Updated: (08/11/22) Just passed 210,000. But still need to replace those brake pads!! | kencunm

| 2006 | OR | 6MT | ? | No Comments Yet. | Fresh Prince

| 2005 | S | 5AT | Timing Chain, both Cats, both Front Wheel Bearings, Rear End, O2 Sensors, Evap Sensor, U-joints, Inner Tie-rods, both Upper Ball-joints, (replaced Control Arms), and some other odds and ends. Runs good still. | Bigmex

| 2005 | S | 5AT | Trans replaced.... SMOD'ed before my time. Have to replace the cats soon, as it's throwing the code. Other than that, its running strong. | MikeRo

| 2007 | OR | ? | No Comments - Yet. | 007X

| 2006 | ?| ? | HA! I'm at 205K miles and I'll check back in when I'm at 250K. Seems like the Timing Chain has been rubbing internally for around 45K miles and hasn't snapped yet. | xgonnagiveittoyou2006

| 2009 | OR | 6MT | Just put on new BFG KO2s today. Only items throughout the ownership from Day 1 were a replacement Clutch at 80K, new Billsteins twice, Cooling System, Driver side Window Motor, and Rear Leaf Springs along with normal wear & tear items. Going to have to do another 02 Sensor. but other than that, it has been such a reliable ride that it has become a game of how long I can keep this truck running. | ckay

| 2005 | SE | 5AT | Recently I did a trans poor man's flush, oil change, brake fluid change, rotated tires and punched out the cats. Catalytic converts were 100% stock and had never been replaced by anyone. Updated: (09/14/16) They went out at 187,200 miles... that was a huge surprise. Other than the cats going out, the X runs strong. | Uncommon

| 2006 | X | 5AT | I bought this truck on the beginnings of being neglected from a dealer in Prescott with 194,000 miles. Replacing the leaky steering rack and a nonexistent body mount are the biggest things I've had to do. Other than that, the truck was good to go from them. Got some more major things planned soon, like preemptive timing chain stuff and oil cooler delete. | FirstXRS

| 2006 | SE | 6MT | Just did an oil change. Timing chain, I think I did a wheel bearing once. Updated: (06/24/14) Regular maintenance runs great. | Sproatlake

| 2005 | S | 5AT | Major work recently, at 187k, removed rust and painted frame and underbody as needed. Replaced secondary timing chains and all guides, only one guide had worn through. Replaced starter and fuel pump because why not. Replaced steering rack and PS pump because it was getting a little harder to turn and a little drifting on the highway. Got rid of rusty c200, installed e-locker m226, Titan swapped the front, arb air locked m205, Radflos, welded up rear bumper and skid plates, ShrockWorks sliders and front bumper w/ winch. Before all that work, the only non-wear items replaced were radiator, and an alternator. My Xterra has been good to me. | 545

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Mileage | Year | Trim | Trans | Comments | Username
| 2005 | S | 5AT | SMOD @ 110k, IPDM replacement @ 130k, ECU replacement @ 135k, full cat replacement @ 140k Preparing to replace timing chain for the first time. | GhostX

197,192 | 2005 | S | ? | Radiator and fuel Sending Unit, Oil every 5K miles & Trans every 25K. | YellowFireX

196,000 | 2005 | ? | ? | Lots of trouble when I purchased new - several timing change replacements before 30k - but suspect a bad dealer (don't go to Sacromonte if you live in the bay area, scratched up the truck and all the brakes had to be redone, etc.). Found good service mechanic and timing problem and brake issues went away. Had transmission and radiator rebuild. Replaced fuel sending unit, oil sending unit, left front tire ABS, spark plugs x 2, and rear hatch pistons. Valve covers moist per mechanic this week, but not dripping oil. Great car, my mechanic was impressed. Changed the oil every 3k. | noname

195,000 | 2008 | S | 5AT | Stuff that has been repaired: Timing Chain, Front Wheel Bearings, New Rear Axle, Rear Passenger Door Release, new Brake Pads and Rotors, 4 new TPMS and 3 sets of Tires. New Tires at 177k. Replaced my Radiator due to the Plastic was starting to Crack and Leak. CEL is on due to a downstream Cat failure. Truck runs fine but getting crappy mpg. Will be giving the Xterra to my daughter shortly since I bought a new Ram Pickup. Updated: (04/26/16) | chittybangbang

193,000 | 2007 | ? | ? | I have done some basic maintenance, one transmission flush, and brakes all the way around. Problems: One Alternator the bearings failed. The fuel pump/level sensor replaced due to corrosion. Timing chain guides replaced under warranty. Need to do some more service and change out the original radiator. Playing with fire on that one. | tommyxterrra

192,000 | 2005 | S | 5AT | ? | mtnbiker49

190,000 | 2007 | S | ? | Most reliable vehicle I've ever owned! | DiveCon07

190,000 | 2006 | S | 5AT | 3rd Owner! Abused, but runs like it's only has 20,000 on it! AHAHAH, I have a Stillen Intake on it and I'm thinking about going back to OEM when I hit 200,000. I'm not sure if I should start babying it. Anyone out there still have intakes etc. and beat it up at high miles? (offroad/highspeed). | STJAMES

189,000| 2007 | OR | 5AT | SOLD XTERRA: Bought at 100k Rear End was replaced (known Locker/Spider Gear issue) so far, its running like a champ. Had to replace Rad and do a Trans flush, running even better now. New Cat Back Exhaust, (Crack in Y-pipe), new Plugs, Injectors, Fuel Pressure Dampers and Fuel Pump. Updated: (12/23/18) T-swapped not too long ago too. | Un4seen4

187,000 | 2007 | S | 5AT | Just regular maintenance, no major problems. Still running strong and hopefully will for the next 100,000 miles. Replaced spark plugs. front/rear diff oil. transfer case oil. FSU replaced by dealer. Replaced rotors all the way around just once, brake pads 3X. second battery, replaced front and rear diff fluids every three years and differential fluid twice. replaced plugs once other than that just regular maintenance and still running strong. Updated: (03/15/20) And if you have nothing to do, regular maintenance info: Everything original and just regular maintenance I do in my garage. Updated: (08/11/20) Lift Mods only. | Lowhombre

186,000 | 2005 | S | ? | Regular Maintenance, Under Warranty - 1 Cat Conv, Did all recalls. Bypassed Radiator. Replaced all 3 U-joints due to major Driveshaft Vibs, all better now. Update: (02/24/15) Replaced the Front Wheel Hubs due to a Bearing noise, Replaced Front Diff Right Support Shaft Bearing, (forget the exact name but it's the Bearing at the end of the housing on the right side). OEM Radiator started leaking, (was bypassed - so no tranny issue), Replaced the Radiator. Update: (01/06/18) Since last update, all 4 cats and full exhaust system replaced. Northeast rotted out the original. Replaced OEM Power Steering Cooler was leaking. Gas, Tires, Oil, Brakes and Battery as normal. | Tib

176,000 | 2006 | OR | ? | Window motor replaced under warranty long ago and no issue since. U-joint replaced @ 160,000. General maintenance is all I've given her. Fluids changed regularly. Put her in and out of 4hi 4 lol every so often just to keep the juices flowing. No other issues to report, trustworthy and loyal as man's best friend. | Markd001

175,000 | 2006 | S | 5AT | I bought my X with about 135k miles so I can't speak for the maintenance before that. I assume average at best. It needed the timing chain replaced right off the bat and had P0430 and P0420 codes (aftermarket air intake cured those). In the hunt for fixing the noise that was created by the failing timing chain, I replaced the tensioner, idler pulley, serpentine belt, flushed power steering fluid, spark plugs and AC compressor, which led to the radiator and doing the radiator bypass. Also, due to failure, electric fan and throttle body. Trans flush around 160k, front and rear diff fluid just changed around 170k, driver front wheel bearing around 165k. I change my oil and filter every 3k miles and wash my air filter every 3-6k miles. | charpe3

173,000 | 2008 | S | ? | Running strong. Knock on Wood. I got it at 110k. Since then, I've done all fluids. New Tie-rods, Ball-joints, Brakes, AC Condenser, Tires and about to replace the broken Leafs and old Shocks. Love this truck. Hope to get another 2 years out of it... | Hghlndr85

172,000 | 2006 | S | 5AT | Around 100k the belt tensioner sheared off the block and destroyed the fan and radiator. Replaced fan clutch (twice), thermostat, brakes, and front drive shaft U-joint. Through ChrisHaynesUSA's smokin' BFG Long Trail deals I've spent less than 1k on tires. All fluid changed regularly, original owner. | OaklandX

168,000 | 2005 | OR | 6MT | Timing chain, water pump, rad hoses, belt tensioner, spark plugs, Themo stat at 90K Fuel sending unit went out at 130k | snutty

166,000 | 2005 | OR | 6MT | Maintenance info: Bought the truck in August of 2010 with 69,000 miles. My first big item was the rear axle - blew the seals as a result of not doing the diff breather mod in time. Ended up doing the seals, bearings, bolt cages - everything at each end of the axle housing. I've replaced both front wheel bearing assemblies as well. Had to replace the clutch so I installed JWT flywheel with some dual friction clutch disc. I very recently replaced most of the suspension with a full OME kit with the heavy-duty leaf packs. Ended up needing to replace the front lower control arms at that time as the eccentric bolts were seized in the bushings. | dexter

166,000 | 2007 | S | ? | Regular maintenance and a cam cover gasket replacement. | ryandavenport

166,000 | 2008 | SE | ? | ? | Tracker12

165,000 | 2005 | S | ? | The only maintenance (other than routine stuff) was the radiator a couple of years ago and u-joints. | TopJimmy

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Mileage | Year | Trim | Trans | Comments | Username

160,167 | 2005 | SE | 5AT | Bought it used in '06 with 20k so I have put 140k on it myself. Link to the list of work that has been done is in my signature. Have run MT tires since I bought it and an early on radiator replacement with a koyo saved me from SMOD. ARB rear locker replaced broke spider gears earlier this year and had the timing chain replace with the guilds also replaced earlier this year. | BakerX05

160,000 | 2006 | S | ? | I got 160k on my 2006, it's actually running smoother than ever now. | aldo

160,000 | 2007 | S | ? | 2nd owner of my X, bought at 104k. Sadly, my X was a victim of SMOD. Luckily, I had purchased an extended warranty. This covered the Tranny rebuild and aftermarket radiator replacement @ 110k. Oil changes every 4-6k (Synthetic), recently I drained and filled the Front and Rear Diff, as well as the T Case. Tranny will be done on the next oil change. All 3 U-joints replaced within the last 3k miles. I just replaced the Plugs, Serp belt and tensioner. No more noisy drive belt. :D | Mmac24

160,000 | 2008 | S | 5AT | Purchased 7/10/11-Miles when purchased 53k-maintenance/ issue report: -all fluids changed to date-trans radiator cooler bypass @80k-replaced spark plugs at or about 100k-alternator replaced @ 95k - Thermostat housing gasket @126k- Truck still runs and drives new no major issues. There is still ZERO oil leaks! I change oil every 3.5k and drain and fill the trans pan fluid every 3rd oil change. I am also on the original radiator and hoses. I plan on changing them soon due to age and mileage. Just hit the 149k mark. 1491xx due to me and the wife's new commute to work I'm not racking up the miles. We both work 5 min from home. Parts replace since last update @ 126k:130k timing chain and guides due to coolant leak on the timing case, 138k left rear outer axle wheel bearing ( what a pain in the you know what!) also regeared the diffs front and rear at the same time, 141k'ish left front shock (Rancho rs900k) blown out from wheeling, 142k left front wheel bearing from wheeling and larger offset wheels putting stress on it, 144k 'Ish clock spring airbag spiral. Damn airbag light and 149k replaced 1 tps sensor. Other than that, it's been running like new. Still getting 15/16 hwy. Maint coming up some will include flushing brake fluid a motor oil flush with the BG engine flush and a fuel injection service. Replace both upstream o2 sensors, (Preventive Maint Measure). Updated: (06/09/16) Since last report @149k I Replaced Alternator for the third time @ 155k I need to stay out the Mud!! Front Wheel Bearing #3 getting replaced now @ 159k this it typical of bigger tires and wheeling. Also replaced another tps sensor so now I have three new ones and one old one left. Replaced steering rack 156k due to leaking and torn boot and getting mud inside it. Also replaced the power steering pump at 156k. Again, this typical of your trail rig not to be scared if your stock. Bigger tires put stress on the power steering pump. Also replace the passenger side outer tie rod @ 156k developed small amount of play. Maintenance: I've done or doing recently. Trans flush with 12 quarts using the machine at work, brake system flush using the BG machine around @157k, oil flush with BG EPR/MOA stuff works great! BG fuel injection service with the BG tool. Hooks up to the fuel line. | Rooney

160,000 | 2007 | S | 5AT | Bypassed at 78k. Regular maintenance with fluids. Replaced front seal on t-case, alternator (too many river crossings) and a window motor. Updated: (12/05/17) It's now titan swapped but only repairs I've had to do on original parts were timing chain guides at 90k and I'm replacing all the radiator hoses and power steering hose and rear drive shaft (I think this was due to not running the correct pinion angle after lifting the rear). | rthinchey

157,000 | 2006 | S | ? | Bought it with 72,000; never has given me a problem. I have an aftermarket tranny cooler to ward off the SMOD that was installed around 90,000 and my most expensive bit of preventative maintenance was replacing the timing chain tensioners around 100,000 because they were starting to whine on acceleration. I did spark plugs, new brake pads at 110,000. It drives so perfectly; I expect it to easily last to 300,000 without major issues. | J995

156,000 | 2005 | SE | 5AT | U-joint, transfer case seals, rear rotors/calipers, gas gauge thing, regular maintenance. Transmission Bypass, VAIS delete, needs cats deleted ASAP, R180 blown/replaced. | hfunkhouser

154,000 | 2007 | S | ? | Just changed all fluids, crankshaft sensor, and added a CSF radiator. Past year T-swap with an m205 from a 2011 and m226 from a 2012. Air compressor and condenser failed so that's getting replaced to the terrible tune of 2k. Still no timing chain wine or cat code those are probably next. | Chase5Hart

153,733 | 2008 | X | 5AT | Only issue: Fuel sending unit changed with courtesy parts kit ~ $100 Preventative: Transmission bypass swap lines. Regular maintenance: all oil changes at 5k, filters, spark plugs, brake pads, rotors, belts, etc. - you know, the stuff your supposed to do! Future: I plan on driving this thing forever! If I blow an engine, I'll pick one up at a junkyard. This Xterra has 153k miles and still looks new, interior isn't falling apart like any other 100k vehicle, etc. | Jasontamu

153,000 | 2006 | S | 2wd | 5AT | Basic maintenance and checking on things. Need to do the tranny flush, new diff fluid and timing guides when I get to AZ. Just did oil and coolant change. LOVE MY X! | Hamman

151,000 | 2006 | OR | 6MT | Original Owner/Original Clutch - Volant CAI at 20k, 275# over stock Alcan Leafs w/ 3" lift, PRG UCAs, Radflos all around. Only have had to replace u-joints and a valve cover gasket. Updated: (06/17/16) Updating because I did the timing chain, water pump, spark plugs all as preventative maintenance, failures include the LCAs, U-joints and rear driveshaft. Still on the original clutch! | tim13con

150,200 | 2006 | S | ? | Original owner, Volant CAI with Amsoil air filter, synthetic oil always and K&N or Mobil oil filter. Have what I believe to be the timing chain whine. Also had a coolant leak that was stopped with Bars Leaks Liquid Aluminum. Never touched transmission fluid but I am going to change it soon. | bluzfan

150,000 | 2005 | S | ? | Just rolled over 150K while on my way to a surf fishing trip in Hatteras... hope to get at least another 150k out of her... Haha!!! | morrisjw2

150,000 | 2006 | S | 5AT | So far, I have replaced the Fuel Sending Unit and the Rad Trans Bypass. Also have done a high mileage oil change and had a full inspection at a Nissan dealership. Next on the list is Tires, then I might look into a small lift, maybe 1.5-2". Other than that, I just want to keep it in good condition, maybe if I can in the future, I'll add stuff like bumpers and skids. I saw the Carfax, when I was researching and this one had extensive work done just prior to the owner selling it. I guess they got tired of the maintenance, but I think they had just done everything necessary because it's been good so far. OOH I did just have to replace the Battery, but that's nothing in the big picture. I do hear a slight whine from the driver Front Hub... I'm thinking I'll be replacing a Bearing before too much longer. I hope this truck will last me many more miles and so far, it has instilled confidence in me. Updated: (01/18/18) When I got it the CEL was on due to the FSU, Fuel Sending Unit was not working correctly, the pump still pumped fuel to the engine, but the gauge wasn't working right. Got the price reduced based on dealer fix, then I did the work only paying like $80 for the part and tank seal. Since then, I've done oil changes, PMF on the trans, rad/ trans bypass, added extra trans fluid cooler with fan temp regulated fan, purged the rad, (air bubbles in heater core), replaced the valve cover gaskets, replaced the plugs, and.... I think that's about it. Well wipers, but that's hardly worth mentioning. Updated: (07/07/18) I did paint on the roof where some rust had formed where the roof sheet metal meets the side sheet metal. Oh yeah, the driver-side cat was replaced, along with the driver upper o2 sensor. and the pass wheel hub. I installed an external/internal thermometer. now that's about it lol... Oh wait, I replaced battery winter 2016. | mtnbound

150,000 | 2007 | S | ? | SMOD at 100,000 less than 2 years and she runs better now. | Noonans

150,000 | 2008 | S | 5AT | 4x4 Owned the truck since the beginning of 2020. Bought off original owner who did SMOD replacement. Oil Changes every 5k and tans, diff, box fluids done at 110K (plan on doing again at 160k). Spark plugs, ignition coil 3 (faulty), oil cooler seal (little oil leak fixed, no leaks or burning oil now), and manifold gasket done at 148K. Drives great after plugs done, acceleration is much smoother now. Original suspension on +1 in tires. Plan on doing suspension next as ride is a little rough but not bad for a 4x4. Link in back was broken when I bought it. Noticed heater gives off coolant smell when temp is on anything but full cold... prob small leak in heater core which sucks but might tackle sometime soon. | Rumzdizzle

149,978 | 2005 |OR| 5AT | Replaced the driver's side wheel bearing, (again). I replaced both sides with Timkens not too long ago, but the Driver-side developed play in short time. So maybe it was manufactured on a Friday afternoon. At least it’s a quick job. 45 mins start to finish. Slide hammer makes life easier. Even with anti-seize they still get stuck in there pretty good. | Surf and Snow

147,175 | 2006 | S | ? | I've had it since new with 15 miles. Followed regular maintenance schedule in manual (air filter, fluids, etc.). Regular oil changes with only Mobile1 synthetic and a variety of oil filters. Repairs/Required Replacements: Replaced Radiator and hoses @ 110k. Never had SMOD.2 serpentine belt tensioners. Fuel Sender Unit. Rear hatch struts(both)2 sets of headlight bulbs (Silverstar Ultra) – somehow, I've never had to replace any other light bulb on the truck. Maintenance: Still doing regular oil changes using Mobil 1 synthetic, I only use Nissan oil filters now. I started replacing various coolant and oil hoses as a preventative measure, replaced rubber hoses on air intake, rear diff fluid, coolant replacement, positive battery terminal, new Nissan floor mats. Repairs/Required Replacements: Tie Rod Ends, Rack and Pinion bushings, U-Joints, replaced rotors / pads / hardware on all corners, heater core in/out hoses, (after plastic coupling broke while driving), oil pressure sensor, new Toyo Open Country AT II tires, idler pulley, replaced all exterior bulbs (headlight, fog, turn, etc.), front sway bar end links, shocks, AAL. Updated: (09/27/17) Got nervous about how loud the timing whine got and had the dealer do the timing chain job and replaced main and secondary chains, guides, tensioners, along with the Water Pump @145k for $1700. Runs like new again. | General_Tarfun

147,000 | 2006 | OR | 5AT | My goal is at least 250k. | X4dblduty

146,390 | 2005 | S | 5AT | SMOD bypass, IPDM Replacement, all fluids replaced, otherwise all regular maintenance. Engine is strong, transmission shifts smoothly. | bschott

145,000 | 2007 | OR | 6MT | Purchased new in Dec '06. All maintenance done by me. M1 5w30 since 2000 miles, M1 0w40 since 100k. Amsoil in the diffs, trans, and t-case. Synthetic whatever everywhere else. Factory original clutch and I tow with it regularly. Oversized Yanmar oil filter. Intervals Engine oil: 8K Trans: 50K T-case: 50K Diffs: 50K Brake fluid: 50K Plugs: 75K Power Steering fluid: 50K Air and cabin filter: 30K or if they look bad Fixed under warranty: 45K - Rear axle and BCM replaced - locker went bad. 90K - Radiator - top tank leaked 33K - Rear shocks, blown out due to bad Leafs. 40K - Rear Leafs - sagged. 95K - LCAs - front end clunk Repaired by dealer or me: 100K - Water pump - preventative 120K - Timing chain guides and tensioner 90K - Coolant hoses 70K - Trans mount 40K - Stillen brakes (rotors and pads) all around - stock fronts warped, the Stillens were junk 80K - R1 front rotors, put the factory rears back on, like I said, Stillens were junk Modifications 2" full OME lift - 100K celebration KMA Prerunner Front Bumper Tires: Stock Rugged Trails: 0-43K Used Pirelli Scorpion A/Ts (Load range E, 10 ply, 44 psi): 43-95K New Pirelli Scorpion ATRs (Load range E, 8 ply, 44 psi): 95K-131K (current). | egon

145,000 | 2006 | OR | 5AT | I have had no real issues change all fluids myself regularly however I have had to replace all the U-joints on it. Also just did Radiator Bypass plus extra External Transmission Cooler. Updated: (07/27/15) Had to replace my Secondary Timing Chain Guides, all else has been pretty smooth. | fishermanof93

143,100 | 2009 | P4X | 6MT | Frontier - Brakes at 100K, one Blower Motor Resistor, Front U-joints because I had the D-shaft out. That's it other than lots of maintenance for lots of mods. | westracing01

142,034 | 2006 | OR | 6MT | Had since 42k, on original Clutch, only major thing is driver Rear Wheel Bearing under warranty, both cats bad throwing CEL for last 15k - Mileage down about 1 mpg since, blew side Airbags at goneMOAB11, runs like a champ. Updated: (10/18/15) Still running strong. CEL went off, seems to be for good now, getting closer to having to put on a new Clutch after Stepmom took kids to lake in it, kids said they thought the car was on fire from smell of Clutch burning up. Replaced Drivers Window Motor, tired of opening door at drive through. | Xterrafirma

141,000 | 2007 | S | ? | XTERRA TOTALED: I've only had to replace the Driver Side Front Hub Bearing, 2 Batteries, had a Headlight burn out, replaced Spark Plugs, that's it. Haven't even touched any of the fluids since I've owned it, (45k miles ago), except for Oil - should probably get everything changed, lol. The Carfax showed routine maintenance every 3,000-6,000 miles at dealerships. Even showed when the Rotors were Re-surfaced, Wiper replaced, and every fluid change it ever had. Even showed when the Tire Pressures were checked, lol. That's what sold me on it. The Radiator has been Bypassed, so one of the owners had some knowledge about Xterra's. | Tlrtucker

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Mileage | Year | Trim | Trans | Comments | Username
| 2005 | OR | ? | Front Hubs, Front axles, Rear Axle Seals, Timing Chain, other various maintenance items. It's been Lifted since about 30k miles. 35"s for over about 25k miles with lots of Lift ! | BullDozerX

139,956 | 2006 | S | 5AT | SOLD XTERRA: DD with routine maintenance. Had the ABS Control Unit, FSU and ECM replaced, also replaced Camshaft Position, Crankshaft Position Sensors. Has been running great with no other problems ever since. Updated: (05/04/18) - Replaced 5AT & Radiator (Non-SMOD Related). My dealership (Melloy Nissan) has taken VERY good care of my Xterra, for example they replaced my Positive Battery Cable and cleaned it up - Free of charge. Sold Date: (09/27/22) - my old 2006 Xterra. | Old Navy

| 2005 | SE | ? | Engine Replaced, All Cats replaced, Timing chain & Guides replaced. | GPD605X

135,000 | 2005 | S | 5AT | Going strong. I've got an Exhaust ((Rattle)) right now, something's come loose down there, need to go clamp it down. Got it at 72,000 miles. Had to have the Transfer Case rebuilt around 80,000, and then the Transmission / Radiator Intermix Problem around 90,000. The dealer also insisted that my Timing Chain was getting worn at that point, (they were the only ones who could do the $5,000 Intermix Fix for Free), ... But my Extended Warranty covered that, with only like $60 out of pocket. Other than that, just Oil Changes, Headlight Restorations, cleaning out my Air Filter, new Tires, Windshield Wipers, etc... It's a beast. I love it. Almost sold it once. Very glad I didn't, (Even had it listed on this site!) No intention of parting with it anytime soon. | brian86t

135,000 | 2006 | OR | 5AT | I've kept up with all recommended maintenance and fluid changes. Had an exhaust manifold break, SMOD maybe a year or so ago, and now looking to replace my TPMS sensors. Updated: (06/27/16) I still consider it relatively trouble free, and only complaint is poor gas mileage over the entire life of the vehicle. 12 MPG City / 14 highway. Updated: (01/30/18) Dead Sensors thus far: Fuel Sending Unit, Oil pressure sensor, Passenger O2 sensors @ 116,000, Crankshaft Position Sensor @ 119,000. | Mnemonic

132,926 | 2007 | OR | ? | No Comments - Yet. | ramiromunoz

132,000 | 2005 | OR | 6MT | Original Clutch, LOKKA Locker, no other major upgrades. Runs strong and pulls 12x8 trailer loaded with junk on a regular basis. Mild off roading. Replaced Timing Chain/s and accessories, Front Hubs, Rear Transfer Case Seal, Oil Filter Seal, Front and Rear U-joints. Soon will be replacing Rear Axle Seals. I'd consider this all-normal routine stuff, (except the Timing Chain at 95,000). Otherwise, just routine maintenance, periodic fluid changes etc. I'm mostly surprised my Clutch has lasted this long. I try not to feather it too much these days, I have a feeling it has to be close to needing replaced. | mulemarine

132,000 | 2006 | ? | ? | Just purchased a new to me 2006 4wd X! I love it coming from a 2010 Titan 4wd Crew Cab. So far 132k miles did oil change and Poor Man's Flush, (PMF), will do again at the end of the year or 15k. Plan to change Radiator and External Oil Cooler. I love this thing. | prideandufc

131,000 | 2006 | S | 5AT| Since I've got it 1 year ago, I've had a Couple of Engine Oil Changes Mobile 1, been running Mobil 1 ATF since the day I got it, (13,000 miles so far). Replaced Front U-joints and have not done my bypass as yet. Will probably do it this weekend. Changed Diff Oil and Brake Pads, Battery & Terminals, Transfer Case, Serpentine Belt. All by myself with help of you guys. Currently in need of a new FSU and Driver Side Window Motor & Spark Plugs. Other than that, purring like a kitten and very strong. | Kizzyle

130,287 | 2005 | SE | ? | Purchased 2014 with 128,000 miles. Maintenance by previous owner(s) Unknown, nothing in Nissan Dealer Records. Maintenance by me: Front Right Wheel Bearing, Oil Pressure Sender Unit, Vacuum Canister Purge Valve Wiring repair, (no parts changed), Left Rear Door Lock Mechanism Repair, (clean and lube), and minor cosmetic fixes. | 20-100

130,000 | 2010 | SE | 5AT | Normal maintenance so far. Updated: (06/08/16) The lady who had it before me, had a long commute, so my miles are almost exclusively highway. | jdunker26

| 2007 | OR | 5AT | We purchased her used with 180,000km on her, and with the exception of having to replace the Front Hubs / Bearings she's been running like a charm. We pulled our new, (to us), Travel Trailer Home in January, over two Mountain Passes, and she passed that event with flying colors as well. | trikebubble

130,000 | 2010 | OR | ? | With the 2007 Beast getting up in mileage and the need for a second truck, we figured a newer X would fit the bill and then transfer all the goodies from the old one onto the new one, and then put the beast back to stock allowing us to trade it in or sell when the time comes. Updated: (05/07/19) -Full fluids change, -New Motor Mounts, (Factor ones were Toast), -Noticed slight increase in play on Steering Rack Ram Arm Drivers-side, will most likely replace it this fall, (I blame the Crappy Moog TREs, it was a little loose before 35s), -New Rear Rotors | Un4seen4

| 2005 | S | 5AT | Regular maintenance of all fluids, aftermarket radiator, replaced all cats with high flow magnaflo, I did have to replace the trans valve body though. Recently did a compression test, excellent results. Shes a beast. | GenXbro

128,700 | 2007 | OR | 6MT | Regular maintenance, front hubs, and fuel sender unit while under warranty. Running strong! Knock on wood. Updated: (04/29/15) Had to replace the timing chain. | plow80

127,000 | 2007 | S | 5AT | Fuel Sending Unit replaced via warranty at 45k miles. No other maintenance or repairs. Updated: (06/17/16) I've replaced front left wheel bearing, front left sway bar connection (busted), struts/front springs and shocks, spark plugs (at 115k). Regular oil changes, brake fluid exchange at 100k, trans flush at 100k (still risking the original rad on my 07). | stephensry

125,000 | 2005 | OR | 6MT | PO Replaced rad and thermostat due to cracked upper rad hose connection. I've done oil, Nissan MTF, blower resistor, leaf helper springs. Need to do: ABS disable button, precautionary cats, y-pipe delete, rear diff breather hose, throttle body clean, maybe PCV valve, auto-dim rearview mirror with compass and temp, rig up Aux in connection for stereo. Great truck so far! | Firehawk989

125,000 | 2007 | ? | ? | How reliable are these things to last high mileage? I want to do some work on it but want to feel confident that I can enjoy the truck for years and not have to run into mechanical problems anytime soon. | Mike Pomz

125,000 | 2005 | ? | ? | Wow ... I'm really impressed with the high mileage Xterras mine has 125k and it's a 2005 I'm never selling mine. | Xterraguru

124,274 | 2009 | S | 6MT | When the guy said he had a buggy I could have I didn’t even know what brand of unit I was getting. After washing it I was pleased on what showed up from under a couple years of dirt and mud, he give me a 2009 Xterra. He said it had suspension damage. He had quotes from 2500 - 4500 to fix. I checked it out and found a bent Rear Axle. Bought one from a wrecker. Did Brakes Front and Back. Put a Windshield in. Lent it out and that cost me a Clutch and Flywheel ... I have used it for a year and a half and it don’t use any oil. 200,000 kms on the clock. | Troy_forman

124,000 | 2005 | SE | 5AT | Oil Change every 5K miles (Synthetic), front collision around 60,000 miles, as a result replaced Radiator (No Transmission issues). I had an issue with A/C (Fuse replaced) and just had a CEL for a CAM Sensor (Just Replaced). Also, after it sat for a bit all of the Brake parts had to be replaced, but I think this was due to sitting for weeks at a time without use. Oh, and for some reason I have had the back Shocks Replaced a few times. | Nemesis099

120,008 | 2006 | S | ? |Replaced stock radiator with Denso aftermarket, drain and fill trans fluid, and both diffs, refinished rear bumper. Had to replace oil pressure regulator. Bought truck with about 65k miles 2 years ago. | zaoes

118,711 | 2005 | S | 5AT | Replaced Radiator, Cat Converters, (under warranty), and FSU. Fluids, filters, spark plugs, brake pads, routine stuff. Love it.... | mrk87

118,500 | 2005 | S | 6MT | At 100k miles, took a preventive measure and replaced the radiator with a 2013 model and switched the original transmission cooler to a higher capacity one. Hope to make it to 200k and beyond! | ShakenNotStirred

115,250 | 2009 | S | 5AT | Second owner but purchased 1.5yr old used with 27K on it. Regular maintenance 2x/yr. Spent half of its life in Maryland and half in Toronto, ON. Daytime running lights kit @49, 109 (Canada import requirement); about to purchase 3rd set of all seasons, winter tires purchased in 2015 and swapped out seasonally; on 3rd battery; front brakes/rotors @53, 65, 83,104 (all under warranty); rear brakes/rotors @65, 83 (all under warranty); lift gate struts @96; engine valve cover gasket & intake gasket @99; spark plugs @99; alternator drive belt @99; headlamps @99; rear shocks @104; front shocks still original and no signs of leaks. Everything else running smoothly and I hope it stays that way for a while :) Probably driving less than 7mi/yr. | Canuck

| 2005 | SE | 5AT | Regular oil changes with full synthetic. Replaced sending unit when it started misreading fuel level. Did ATF bypass + extra ATF radiator and fan. U-joint replaced at 110k - front axle shaft. Changed belt at 70k, flushed brake lines at 70k. Replaced valve cover gaskets at 112k. Died on me due to stupid fuel relay at 50k $3 fix. Replaced shocks at 70k, replaced brake discs at 80k. I think I had a ATF change twice, but not sure millage, will be doing a PMF on next oil change. Oil pressure sensor died at ~100k. Had to replace AC Refrigerant at 114k. Changed the oil cooler O-ring at 115k. She has been super dependable, (except for the fuel relay), until I did a trip to St. Louis, the road was so awful it shook her apart. After the trip I had to replace the Battery, (already old), U-joint, started leaking from the valve cover and the oil cooler and lost all refrigerant in the AC. Moral of the story: Do not go to St Louis :p | BGXterra

115,000 | 2005 | SE | 5AT | Just bought at 115k. Maintenance completely unknown / neglected. Replaced: Shocks and Struts, L-rear Leaf Spring, Synth Oil and 4qt Tranny Swap. Has a SMOD Radiator, Transmission hesitates and slams into gear occasionally, though fluid looked normal. In 4WD, sometimes, there is no reverse! Then none in 2WD. Shut truck off, then start... reverse returns?!? Will replace Radiator, maybe Tranny Flush or do the Poor Man's Flush, attempt to save it. Will do Diff and Transfer soon. looks good for a Wisconsin frame. Hope to go over 300k. | MerryWanie

115,000 | 2006 | S | ? | Hope to make it a lot longer!! | wBkM85

112,000 | 2008 | S | 5AT | Not a single issue until recently, only maintenance items; battery, brakes, tires, etc... Started to hear the timing chain {{Whine}} at 105,000 and at 112,000 it's gotten pretty bad - it's at the dealership being repaired now. | Pointboy

111,450 | 2007 | SE | ? | Maintenance: FR/FL Hubs, Timing Chain, FSU, (Warranty). | santism

110,000 | 2006 | SE | ? | I'll play now that I'm over 100k miles. Purchased at 58k miles and am currently at 110k and still purring. Regular maintenance and the only out of the ordinary thing I've had to do is change a bad coil at 100k and do the timing chain guides at 90k. I am bypassed with an added cooler and fan so still running the original transmission as well. | dmski

108,000 | 2008 | S | 5AT | Mods - at about 50k miles added PRG 2" spacer lift and AAL. Other than that, only oil changes. Will do a good 100k maintenance tune-up soon; plugs, fluid flush, etc... Strong running truck though. Expect 100k more at least, (and more mods as well). | arctic98z

103,000 | 2006 | OR | ? | I'm going to do valve adjustment and timing changes this month. | BGL19760709

100,000 | 2006 | S | ? | Just hit 100,000 in my 06 ... hope to make it a lot longer!! | Blake

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Mileage | Year | Trim | Trans | Comments | Username
| 2011 | P4X | ? | Only regular maintenance, (fluids, belts, tires, plugs, radiator cap, etc.), required. Repairs: replaced leaking steering rack about half a year ago, rear axle seals ~ 1 year ago, and MAF, (probably my fault - oiled air filter). | GeolJon

98,000 | 2010 | S | 6MT | The only thing I've had to replace, (although that's not quite the same thing I tell to the fiancée haha), were the door struts, battery and exhaust clamps that busted loose from rust. Other than that, it's just been oil, plugs, shoes, brakes, (rotors and pads when I bought it, just for the peace of mind), tranny t-case and rear diff oil for maintenance. However, before I bought it, when I crawled under it, I noticed that both upper and lower control arms and bushings were brand-new. | bwinter714

97,000 | 2005 | SE | 5AT | Replaced Radiator around 88k miles; Regular Oil Change at 90,783 miles (6-1-18); Calipers/Brake Pads/Rotors at 92,982, (7-30-18); Replaced Battery at 93,540, (9-3-18); Oil Change at 95,000, (10-15-18); Camshaft Sensors, Bank 1&2 at 96,971, (11-24-18); The Fuel Sending Unit went bad at around 95k miles and I still need to replace it. Replaced the passenger Brake Line at around 94k miles. Windshield Washer Reservoir is cracked and leaks, the crack is high up, so it still holds fluids for now, so I haven't changed it yet. | Vizard

95,129 | 2005 | SE | 5AT |Synthetic oil changes 3-5k miles. All fluids changed after purchased in early '13 as well as brakes front and rear. Recently replaced front rotors and brakes again. FSU replaced early this past spring. Idler pulley just because I replaced belt. | JESS05SE

93,000 | 2007 | S | 6MT | Aside from the warranty stuff, (FSU, timing chain guides), things have been perfect and no signs of slip or anything. I'm at 93k now and feeling like my brakes are finally on their way out. Do that and the serpentine belt here soon. | klainmeister

89,600 | 2007 | S | 6MT | Purchased with 35K in 2011. Did every fluid in the truck within 2 weeks of ownership. Had to replace both rear axles seals and wheel bearings year and half later at about 60K. replaced tires with 265/75 Hankook Dynapro ATMs. Updated: (04/17/15) Currently needs probably 2 u-joints... noticeable clunk in the front end and a screaming power steering pulley needs to be addressed. nearly new off-road Bilstein's with 2-inch lift parts sitting in the garage for nice weather. | CRMW07

88,914 | 2005 | S | 6MT | Maint: Bank 2 Cam position sensor, Primary cats, Front diff self-destructed at 56k, Rear hatch shocks, Driver's window motor, Rear window washer nozzle leak, (replaced), Clutch (replaced with JWT) 83k, Transfer case would not easily engage / disengage 4x4, (changed fluid to Amsoil ATF, no issues now), Radio CD Player inoperative, (replaced Kenwood DDX771), Spiral cable and steering wheel controls, Clutch pedal switch pad, Regular 3k oil changes Valvoline Syn 5w30, Changed all other fluids at ~ 60k. | User Omega

88,888 | 2012 | P4X | ? | No Comments - Yet. | SledheadX

88,000 | 2011 | P4X | 5AT | So I reckon I'll be at 300+ by 2020 or so - will keep everyone posted. | H.I. McDunnough

88,000 | 2010 | OR | 5AT | I bought it with 72k. I found out the PO had the roof repainted under warranty due to peeling/cracking paint, also had rear pinion seal changed, one front hub bearing, and CV shaft changed, new battery. mostly dealer serviced - regular maintenance. Since then, I have changed all the fluids and filters, (except coolant flush, which is next), replaced the other front hub bearing, both rear axle seals and bearings and the failed breather, one OEM leaf spring and 4 new tires. I'll do oil / filter every 3500 with either Wix or OE and synthetic blend oil. Synthetic in the driveline. So far, really good. It tows a 4900 lbs GVW camper and carts me to work 55 miles round trip a day (2/3 highway). | Constitution

83,885 | 2006 | OR | 6MT | Just bought it, changed oil, cleaned Air Filter. | DisposableHero

80,085 | 2009 | OR | 5AT | Nothing really beyond regular maintenance, (fluids/tires/brake pads), unless replacing the Evaperator Can Valve to clear the SES code counts. I think that puts me in the place of honor, right under @Old Navy. I'll not pushing my luck and mention what my buddy, who was in the Navy would say about that since my whole reason for posting was bOObs. The single malt is nice tonight... | 29erClan

80,000 | 2010 | S | ? | Updated: (03/26/17) Just hit 80k today. Over 40 kms miles added over under 2.5 years. | VMBiohazard

79,000 | 2013 | P4X | 6MT | CSF Radiator and Offroad Gorilla Silicone Coolant Hoses. | LNXPenguin

78,000 | 2013 | P4X | ? | So, with the grey 07 having nearly 200k on it we deiced it was time for another truck, and in a very timely happening my dad wound up going over to a 4runner the other week and we decided on buying their X: 2013 Silver Pro-4X with 60K on it, leather, Nav and all. Updated: (05/07/19) - Full fluids change, - New Front Rotors and Pads. | Un4seen4

70,000 | 2011 | P4X | ? | I was at 69,999 the other day and did a few laps around my neighborhood until I reached 70k. My neighbors definitely gave me some strange looks as I drove up and down the street repeatedly. | TravZilla

65,000 | 2010 | X | ? | Dude, try 65k here and I consider that mild. | klundquist

59,000 | 2010 | ? | ? | ? | ATL XTERRA

56,000 | 2011 | P4X | 5AT | Going to do a full fluid replacement. Updated: (02/22/15) No issues. | crazydiablo

40,000 | 2012 | P4X | 6MT | Just rolled over 40k on my 2012. | knightrider

48,000 | 2015 | P4X | ? | No Comments - Yet! | kolsky

40,000 | 2012 | P4X | 5AT | No Comments - Yet! | NoahSki

40,000 | 2015 | P4X | 6MT | Hit this milestone today, getting groceries. HAHAHAHA | spoolup

36,000 | 2012 | P4X | ? | I just hit 36k on Friday, (less than 25 months old), feels like a major milestone to me. Normal maintenance so far. | Snowtrout

30,665 | 2011 | P4X | 5AT | Is this game like golf? | Nym468

| 2011 | P4X | 5AT | Gunna keep fingers crossed I can add another zero to my milage, (currently at 30,000 on my 2011 Pro-4X AT). I think that with time, we'll start seeing the 2010+ years jumping onto this list. | bertdog

29,000 | 2010 | X | 2wd | 5AT | Truck is young but, I am high mileage. | wagonmaster

29,000 | 2012 | P4X | 5AT | Every 375 miles factory premium requirements. Fixin' to do 30K maintenance with Transmission filter replacement, Transfer Case refill, and Radiator refill, (wet water added to OEM coolant). Everything, but AT will get Synthetic. AC Delco air filter, (Tested to catch and hold most dust and dirt at a lower micron level than other filters tested.) Premium oil filter. My mobile Mechanic will be doing this 30K maintenance as I am 60 years young with a bad back. (Regular PT Torture for maintenance) ~10% off road. | LonnieL

28,000 | 2012 | ? | ? | Mine must have been made on a Friday afternoon.... I have already replaced Oil Pan, and Pick-up Tube. Battery, and Exhaust Manifold on top of all the regular oil changes and such. I may need to replace my Muffler soon, as well as need new Tires in the next month or so. I also have a lot of Paint Chips and some Peeling. | dforlenza

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Mileage: 118,500

Year: 2005

Trim: Xterra S

At 100k miles, took a preventive measure and replaced the radiator with a 2013 model and switched the original transmission cooler to a higher capacity one. Hope to make it to 200k and beyond!

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2008 S - 220,806. Alternator replaced, pre-emptively replaced the rad with aftermarket. Replaced heater core at 210,000 - just replaced all the timing chains and water pump (they were just starting to whine, on removal the guides had worn and they were just starting to touch the tensioners.

Other than that just maintenance items - spark plugs, filters, shocks, coilovers, and fluids. Going strong.

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Mileage: 187,300

Year: 2007

Trim: Off Road, 6-speed manual transmission

Radiator replaced. Passenger hub replaced. Synthetic fluids since day one. Still runs like it's new.

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305,000 kms and change, so 189,518 or so

Year: 2006

Trim: SE 6 speed standard

Timing chain, I think I did a wheel bearing once. Regular maintenance, runs great.

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I think I found the top mileage Xterra (well, that has posted on this site).

Powertrain & Driveline>SMOD Hit List - Users, Years, Mileage and Outcomes

Texterra 06:15 AM 11-29-2013

While in Myrtle Beach with approximately 80,000 miles, I noticed the rumble strip symptoms and drove her to the dealership that weekend. I had to pay for a double flush, and new radiator.

7 years later I still have the same radiator which I immediately by-passed and have been performing PM flushes every 30,000 miles with Matic-S.

Now with the original timing chain, tranny, radiator noted above and rear-end howl (Royal Purple flushes same time as Matic-S PMF) -

The 316,000 miles I have still have a long way to go before she is begging for replacement upgrades.
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I think I found the top mileage Xterra (well, that has posted on this site).

Powertrain & Driveline>SMOD Hit List - Users, Years, Mileage and Outcomes

Texterra 06:15 AM 11-29-2013

The 316,000 miles I have still have a long way to go before she is begging for replacement upgrades.
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316K is gonna be hard to beat

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I think I found the top mileage Xterra (well, that has posted on this site).

Powertrain & Driveline>SMOD Hit List - Users, Years, Mileage and Outcomes

Texterra 06:15 AM 11-29-2013

While in Myrtle Beach with approximately 80,000 miles, I noticed the rumble strip symptoms and drove her to the dealership that weekend. I had to pay for a double flush, and new radiator.

7 years later I still have the same radiator which I immediately by-passed and have been performing PM flushes every 30,000 miles with Matic-S.

Now with the original timing chain, tranny, radiator noted above and rear-end howl (Royal Purple flushes same time as Matic-S PMF) -

The 316,000 miles I have still have a long way to go before she is begging for replacement upgrades.
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Indeed. Here's his thread:
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