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Thanks so much

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Hello all.
I just joined this club to say thanks for all the info you provided.
I own a 2006 Xterra, 6spd.
I had a problem with humming noise from the rear at 70 mph.
The rear differential was replaced yesterday and the noise is gone.
I will post this issue at Powertrain topic.
Thanks a bunch again.
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:pirate: Ahoy, Matey! :newb: Welcome! Yer on a site dedicated to Nissan's, "Next Generation Xterra." Step aboard, take in what you can, but promise to share what you learn! :3some:
Welcome to the club. :wave:
Welcome to the site...
rear differential failure

My X has only 4500 miles and I noticed the noise when it had 2K miles on it. The tech told me that it was a rare case and simply called it a internal failure. I guess it was a defective parts. I posted a reply regarding this issue at Engine and Powertrain. You can check it out under revisiting whining noise.

1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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