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Starting a new specific thread. I have an 06 Xterra that will not crank. I've received a lot of help so far but still unable to get it to work. I'm testing the last issues that I can before it takes a trip to the dealer.

I've removed the pan from the transmission. I now have access to some of the transmission functions. I believe I can see the PNP switch right as the shifter rod enters the transmission. There are 3 wires coming from it. What readings should I expect from these wires to insure the PNP is sending the correct signal to the TCM

With the cover now removed, is there anything else I can check while I have it open?

I wished I could check each of the connections in this are but I'm unable to because it's located above all the controls and I'm unable to reach it without further removal of bolts.

Thanks for your help.
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