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1 • Ignoring wheel cheat
(men know - friends are important -- tires are good friends - treat them well)

2 • Using too much speed or power
(many times, faster than too slow is too fast)

3 • Steering at standstill
(power steering is a wonderful tool to break tie rods etc)

4 • Using the clutch the same way as on pavement
(if you don't know what "starting in gear" means and you still use the clutch to regulate speed)

5 • Following one's gut feeling
(most likely it'll be wrong - humans have no genetic imprint for driving cars yet)

6 • Straddling obstructions
(men should know - they would not take anything high between their legs either)

7 • Rushing through water
(humans want to rush away from danger and get in trouble in the process)

8 • Keeping thumbs in steering wheel
(bruised or broken thumbs really hurt)

9 • Hanging head out of window
(makes you "feel" you are in control - but you'll miss potential danger on the other side)

10 • Using 4WD after getting stuck
(now that is really stupid!)
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LOL seen all this done! LOL and I hang my head out sometimes! LOL Just to say Hi while not moving!" MC
Hanging your head out is some times needed if you do not have a spotter. It's after you evaluate the situation though.

I am guilty of the thumbs in the steering wheel thing though. It's the way I drive. I am however usually going slow enough that it's not a problem.

I rearly staddle stuff, but some times you don't realize a rock is as big as it is until it bounces off the pumpkin. :)
Speaking of pumpkin abuse, Jim shall have the rear cover done very soon he said. For both versions. Going to be a cage type thing and we won't need to dump the fluid to install it. Then we can try pumpkin smashing halloween or not! Yipppeeeee!

Some places going back into the cabin on a very rutted out part it can drag for like 20 feet solid! Yikes! MC
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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