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Time for a suspension upgrade and I need to tap into the depths of wisdom found on this board! I am planning on doing the install this October and I want to make sure that I have all the required parts and tools as well as all of the “non-required but makes your life a hell of a lot easier” parts and tools. That’s where you guys come in. I’d like to get your input on a checklist of everything that I should do to the truck, including anything that I might as well replace while I am at it, as well as a heads up for pitfalls I should expect on this job. This is only my 2nd suspension install but I am not looking for “how-to-install” instructions (I have already checked those threads and they are great) but I am more looking for an updated list of tips and pitfalls.

Here is the intended plan with my list of questions thus far…

My X - 2006 OR – 75k

Front Suspension:
Radflo 2.0 Coilovers
PRG spacers
PRG cam bolts
2005 LCAs

-I am looking to gain 2-3” lift over stock and want to maximize both upward travel and downward travel without too much strain on the components. My thinking is to get my lift from the spacers so I can maximize travel with the coilovers. Thoughts on what the best combination of spacer lift/coil lift is?

-I have heard all about the nightmares of getting the stock LCAs out of 2006+ X’s and I am just hoping I don’t have to cut mine out but any last words of advice?

-Any bushings, bearings, nuts, bolts etc, etc that I should inspect/replace while I have the front suspension apart?

Rear Suspension:
Radflo Rear Emulsion shocks
Deaver 2” AAL
PRG Adjustable Shackles* (if I decide to go up to a 3” lift)

-Do I need shims? Do they add any lift?

-Any pitfalls removing old shocks, adding a leaf, replacing shackles?

-Any bushings, bearings, nuts, bolts, etc, etc, that I should inspect/replace while I have the rear suspension apart?

I am sure I have forgot to ask about many specific things so feel free to chime in if there is something important I should know about. Many thanks fellas!

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Start spraying everything with PB Blaster. EVERYTHING. It helps a ton. Shims don't add lift, they help with the vibration when you driving around 25-45 MPH. You're gonna need an alignment after the lift as well.
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