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Intro Comments: This rig is a never ending work in progress. The goal is utilitarianism. It's being built as a wheeling/camping rig "Expedition style".

Username: Surf and Snow

Make: Nissan
Year: 2005
Model: Xterra
Trim: Off Road
Color: Night Armor


Factory Options:
Rockford-Fosgate premium sound system
Gentex auto-dim & compass mirror
Nevada tow package
Rear cargo area organizer bin
Rear cargo area roll out privacy cover
I also added an impact sensor from the 08-10 models to my factory alarm system

Powertrain & Drivetrain:
Mobil 1 Synthetic 5w-30
Femco no-spill oil drain valve
ARB Air Locker (rear m226) and ARB air compressor (to replace blown stock e-locker)
ARB Diff cover
Royal Purple Gear oil
Diff breather extension
Airflow Snorkel & JDM rectangular head
AEM Dryflow air filter
Optima Bluetop deepcycle/starting D34M battery (replaced)
Dual Battery mod with 2x Odyssey PC-1200's
Goodyear Gatorback serpentine belt
Second Auxiliary tranny oil cooler
9" cooling fan for both tranny coolers (thermostatically controlled, automatically switched on at 180F and off at 165F)

Suspension, Wheels, Tires:
285/75R16 GoodYear Wrangler Dura Trac (2nd set. First set lasted about 50,000mi :) )
Procomp 7089-6868
Melt mod to fix tire rub
3-4" PRG suspension lift
Front: Radflo 2.0 coilovers w/ 600lb springs, PRG heim joint UCA's
Rear: deaver AAL, adjustable shackles (top hole), 2 sets Hellwig 550 helper springs front & rear of axle extended length Bilstien 5125 shocks
3 deg shims
Custom rear brake hose extension
Rear sway bar removed

Home built winch mount in stock bumper, w/ Recon 10,000lb winch and synthetic line. (Sold to HawaiianXterra)
Hefty front bumper V2.0 w/ Engo 10,000 winch w/ synthetic line (see post# 305)
Rear bumper with home built tire carrier and rear winch; Recon 10,500 w/ synthetic line (see post# 305)
Nisstec 2" BL
Custom built drop in roof rack w/ integrated locking storage box
Gobi Ladder
110 volt receptacle in rear step cavity
Custom made Hi-Lift and Shovel Mount
NXRocks Skid Plates (full set)
Blue Torch Fab rear diff cover
Shrock Sliders (2-support, black powder coat)
Xoskel Front lo-pro light cage with four KC 6" Daylighters
Xoskel lo-pro rear light bar with two 55watt KC model 26 flood lights
Firestick 2' fiberglass CB antenna with spring and quick disconnect (antenna stays in roof bin when using garages)
Looking Roof-bin mod
Keyless entry remote key pad
Hood Rod mod
Rear Diff Breather Mod
Weather-Tech in-channel mounted window vent-visors
Front windows tinted to 23% to match rear (I know its stuck on the interior but you see it from the exterior so :p )
Rain-X wipers
Whatever rack option matches the current seasons activities
Mud flaps? "We don't need no stinkin mudflaps!!!" (removed)

110 volt receptacle hardwired, with remotely switched 1000watt inverter
Pioneer F90-BT in-dash Navi/phone/DVD/iPod/stereo ect... with voice control, steering wheel control, Bluetooth etc...
Full 80GB iPod hooked up to above system
Rear view camera hooked up to above system
Black Box dash cam
Blue Sea 5029 fuse block
Uniden 520XL CB radio
Weathertech Digi-Liner front and rear floor liners
Olympic Mountaineer (Jeep Cherokee) Rack with home made mounting clamps
Locking gun safe
Raingler RN90 upper half divider mounted vertically with footman mounts
Two Craftsman tool boxes that fit under the rear seat, full of tools (you should get these!)
Kidde automotive fire extinguisher mounted in rear side recess
Custom Beefier rear tie downs.
Beefed up First-Aid kit (using Pelican iM2050 case)
Privacy curtains for sleeping in the X
Rear hatch "open from inside" mod
Dual Voltage meters for the dual batteries mounted to A-pillar pods

Other Important Stuff:
Edgestar fridge
Awesome extra storage filled with tools
Beefed up home-made first aid and emergency kit
Beefed up home-made survival kit
2 gas Jerrycans and 1 water jerrycan
48" Hi-Lift Xtreme w/ Lift-mate, ORB base, handle keeper, neoprene cover, and SBE Slider adapter
2" receiver recovery shackle mount (a.k.a. tampon)
30' heavy-duty tow strap and extra shackles
30' snatch strap
Full size shovel, small axe, large & small tree branch saws
Air Compressor
Ratchet straps, tie-downs, bungee-cords, 550 paracord, tape, Zip ties etc..
Window screens for camping.




Older photos (pre BL, snorkel, etc..) I'll update more someday...

With the O.G. in CO

Co-Pilot Sadie:


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Like your thread layout and the photos are great ~ thanks for sharing.

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I can see your lift in the back but your front sags a little maybe you should adjust your rear shackels it lokks cleaner IMO but i love the x nice work and you have the vibration cause your back sits up alot higher than your front just so you know

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I can see your lift in the back but your front sags a little maybe you should adjust your rear shackels it lokks cleaner IMO but i love the x nice work and you have the vibration cause your back sits up alot higher than your front just so you know
Lifted shackle always show visibly bellow the bumper. I might drop it down one setting on the rear shackles to even out the rake, but I'm gonna give it a month for the AAL to settle first.

Thats a great looking X there man! Keep thos mods coming.....I cant wait to see it with the stealthed KC lights!!
Thanks. Yeah I'm excited to mount the cage and KC's too, just don't have the time right now. I just have too much stuff going on right now. Sucks. There is brand new Shrock sliders sitting next to them on the floor also in another big box. Every night they mock me!! :(

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Hahaha....i hear ya about not having any time man....keep it up tho. Once you get those lights on i wanna see some pics! People comment on my lights and lightbar almost everytime I park in a busy parking lot. I've had people ask me what the h*ll my truck is before because they simply just don't know anymore by looking at it.

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sweet X! looks like a very clean build. Liking that side shot with the mountain in the back

Soon to be mounted... my Shrock Sliders:
I wish I snapped of pic of the 5'5" Fed Ex guy trying to haul this huge 109lb box up to my door! (Rocket would have got a kick out of it)


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i think remy's are 90lbs....or something to that effect...i guess same difference....protects the same....
nope, Remys don't protect "the same", they protect even better! ;)
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I did see it ... but I realy don't know what you're talking about :dontknow:
However ... because you insist - I'll make couple sets next week for you and Rook ...
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