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Username: Stoic V

Make: Nissan
Year: 2012
Model: Xterra
Trim: Pro-4X
Color: Metallic Green
Manual 6 Speed
Miles: 100,000 10-16-18
160,000 1-9-21
Personalized plate "LOST X"
The X has visited 46 states. Waiting on Covid to pass to hit 49.


**Titan Swapped 12-20
**4.56 Gears 12-20
**Arb Front Locker 12-20
**Add aleaf 12-20

Hefty Aluminum Engine and Radiator Skids 4-2018
Rear shackles 4-2018
Bilstein 5100 6-2019 & 10-20

SYLVANIA -SilverStar zXe replacement off-road lights 9-2017
NxRocks Sliders(used) 8-2015
285/75R16 KO2 Tires. 7-2015 Second Set *7-2018
2015 PRO-4X Wheels 6-2015
Custom Drop-in Roof Basket With Hi Lift mount 4-2014
Southco Locking Hatch 4-2014

Performance and reliability:

AGM Battery 5-2020
XTP Intake manifold Spacer Green 8-2018
Breather Xtension for evap canister 12-2018
Breather Xtension for rear diff... **waiting for install
Volant 12740 Cool Air Intake Kit (Closed box) 1-2014

100w Solar panel =Jackery 500 Battery = 35Q Fridge **9-2020
Custom Platform Bed **9-2020

Homelink Temp and Compass Display Rear View Mirror 8-2017
Ham Radio 4-2016


Camping with the pups in New Mexico. 7-2017

Destination Slate Mountain 3-23-2017

Newest Mod Pics.. 2 inch leveling kit, and Hefty Aluminum skid plates


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The 1006 Mile journey home. CO to AZ
I picked the X up in Bloomfield, CO. (I was kinda in a hurry to get there)

2 hours after leaving the dealership, West of Colorado Springs

Phantom Canyon, CO - (The drive home)

Flagstaff, AZ (The drive home)

I took a short drive down Schnebly Hill Rd in the rain. (the drive home)

24 hours and 1006 Miles later in Peoria, AZ .. Parked next to her older sister.

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Pretty good built so far.

would you mind taking a pic of how that lo pro roof rack basket attaches to the stock rack? I also like the way your hi lift is attached but yet still secure inside of the rack Vs on the outside

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Where did you attach your hammock in this pic?

I usually hook mine up to the roof rack if I have only one suitable tree, but then I have to throw a towel or something under the strap so that it doesn't destroy my paint. Rear swing out bumper kind of works as an attachment point but is a bit awkward to place. Wherever you have yours looks ideal.

BTW nice color ;)

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Its tied to my low profile roof rack. The trunk strut is also pulling it away from the paint and relieving some of the stress of the weight. Plus this rack is longer than a standard Dephep style rack. I think I just got lucky.
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