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Username: SteadyHigh

Make: Nissan
Year: 2012
Model: Xterra
Trim: Pro-4X
Color: Daytona Blue
Trans: 5AT


315/75/16 procomp mt2
Black spoke rims
Spider trax 2 inch spacers for the rear
Prg Titan upper control arms
Sway a way 2.5 remote res coilovers
Spring over axle conversion
Bilstein rear shocks 12" travel
Extended brake lines

Airflow snorkel
IMS spacer
Flow master Super 44 offroad muffler
Bulldog gt programmer
M205 Titan front diff
Volant intake w/ powercore
pats driveline double cardan custom driveshaft

Custom front bumper
Hefty skids
Shrockwork sliders
Shrockwork diff cover
Calimini rear tire carrier

Quick fist maglite holder on drivers side door
Custom fly rod holder in rear
Arb on board air under hood
Compressor switch on dash
Cobra CB radio under passenger dash

40" lightbar
Bed armor rocker panels
Cool stickers
Cb antenna mount on tire carrier

Recovery Gear:
Smittybuilt x20 amphibious winch
48 inch hilift
20" chainsaw
Toolbox full of mixed nuts and bolts
3x 30 foot arb towstraps
1x50 foo arb towstraps
1 15foot towstrap
10 feet of chain
Splitting axe
K-bar survival knife
Zippo and matchs
Spare alternator
Spare tierod ends
Fire extinguisher
Portable pressure sprayer(cleaning windows ect after mud runs)


As she sits today

Picked up my 2012 Pro-4X on Monday the 17th

Keep checking back for pics and updates :)

This is her sitting at the dealership

With the duratracs and stealthed 06 rims


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took it up over a small maybe 4 foot high bank to get out of a river bed it just crawled out so easy I had to wait a get out and try and help my friends get over it but they couldn't a f250 and a jeep liberty. they had to go back the way we came in. I laughed so hard and had a pretty tuff trail on my way out that the xterra just took on with ease, I really under estimate it sometimes I can do alot more then I think with just some nice tires. Armor next, I dont see the need for a lift right at this second but I definatly need sliders and some skids

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I tinted my tail lights on a black supercharged Buick I had a few years ago with that stuff.
VHT Nightshades....looks badass man!
Think I'm going to do that to my X's tails!

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Installed the extended radflos today. Siting a tad bit over 3 inches, I went with the 600 springs, ride is definatly stiffer but should be prefect with winch and bumper I pick up may 25th

Super easy to install, had a much harder time removing my shackle bolts to raise it up one notch so it is a half inch higher then the front

Here they are before install

Side by side with the bilsteins, they came set at around 1.5 so it took a while to adjust with the spanner

Installed and ready to adjust

After adjusting it looks like this. I will get good pics Tommorow in daylight

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The are still going strong after 110xxx + kilometers. They have lasted a long long time and have always got me through the sickest conditions on and off road. They are amazing tires.
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