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!st Time Gone

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what to bring? staying at the campground in town dont want to over do all the stuff I could load up and bring with me.but then again ......:dontknow::happy1:
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In terms of what? Camping gear? Trail gear? Food? Beer?

Good trail gear list here:

I've camped at the Canyonlands Campground (I assume that's the one you are talking about) a couple of times now. Depending on what campsite you have, you'll have a good deal of room for stuff. Bring anything that you'd take car camping.

I always just get food in town when I get there - City Market is just down the street. A lot of people grill or cook over a fire for dinner, but I mostly just hit the spots in town. Grabbed some Clif bars for breakfast, and made a sandwhich or something for lunch on the trails. Bring a large cooler for beer at the campsite, and a small cooler for lunch/drinks in the X when you are on the trail.

Bring your own beer, much cheaper. Grab some local drafts at Moab Brewery.

There is a gas station/convenience store at the entrance to the campground, you can also grab food in the morning there while filling up. Also have ice, I would stop after finishing up the trail and grab a bag or two to hold over the night.

Are you a NORAC member? There's a meeting coming up, and that'd be a good place to ask everyone questions about Gone and what to bring.
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