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{{Squeaking}} Noise while Driving

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Hi all,

Recently picked up a 2015 pro4x. A few days ago I started noticing an on and off squeaking noise coming from the rear from what I can tell.

The squeaking frequency changes in line with my speed, aka higher frequency when I’m going faster and lower when I’m going slower.

Additionally, it goes away completely even at the lightest touch of my brakes.

Any ideas what could be the issue?

Thanks in advance!
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Tonight while driving I played around with the parking brake, pulling it really tight and then driving a few feet with it on. Then releasing and pulling up and releasing. Basically just messing with it. This seems to have resolved the squeak! I think overall my parking brake is weak and I should get it looked at.

I know my rear pads are new and the rotors were turned, per the work order from the dealership that I bought it from.

Thanks again!
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The parking brake is a drum brake on the inside of the rear rotor, in case you were unaware. If fooling with the parking brake fixed the squeak then it may have been something that just needed to be cycled from sitting at the dealer.
As scottgas said, drum brakes.
It may be worth a look. There could be a major build-up of brake dust that is causing the squeak. And while you are in there look at the shoes, to see how low they are.
After that, you can at least adjust the brakes to have a better engagement.
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