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Today I spotted two second gen Xterras. Both were at the Galleria, in Hoover.

The first was a black 2nd gen with blacked out wheels and LOTS of stickers. Im pretty sure the windows were tinted as well. You were picking up some people in the parking deck of the Galleria. I walked by and awkwardly stared at you and checked out your Xterra. Im pretty sure I saw a DeltaChi sticker on the back.

The second one was also at the Galleria, but outside on HWY 150 at a red light. A 2nd gen Night armor Xterra with what looked like Xoskel bumper mouth bar with two small square lights in it. Im pretty sure wheels were also stealthed on this one as well. You also had stickers on your airdam(i think). I waved, IDK if you saw me. I was stopped at the red light facing u.

All this happened ~3:30PM today.

Great looking Xterras! Are you guys/gals on here?
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