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Year: 2007
Make: Nissan
Model: Xterra
Trim: X, 4wd Auto
Color: Super Black

Suspension, tires, and wheels:
Front Suspension:
PRG spacers
Bilstein 5100 ride height adjustable front shocks
Rear Suspension:
Deaver AAL
Bilstein 5125 rear shocks
AC shackles (to be installed)
Removed swaybar
Procomp 7089 16x8 wheels
Firestone Destination AT 265/75/16
Energy Suspension LCA bump stops
Nissan adjustable cam bolts
PRG shims and ubolt kit (to be installed)

AJ's Offroad Armor super squares
Ballistic Fabrication C200 differential cover

Engine/Drivetrain Performance
Optima 34M (blue)
Air box mod
Radiator bypass mod
Amsoil drop in air filter

Kenwood KDC-MP638U headunit
Infinity Kappa 10.7T 1" tweeters in dash
Infinity Reference 9623i 6x9's in front doors
Infinity Reference 5022i 5.25's in rear doors
Infinity Ref1052W 10" Subwoofer in sealed box
MB Quart NAU260 amplifier
Bluetooth interconnect
Ipod Nano (orange) via connecter in glovebox

Dome light LED mod
12 volt outlet strip in center console
Nissan All-Weather floormats
Raingler large ceiling net
McMaster-Carr 175# rear hatch struts
Fire extinguisher
2D cell LED Maglite mounted on passenger side center console
Relocated VDC button to slot next to 4wd switch
OTRATTW amber switches
Blue Sea fuse box
Nissan rear cargo cover

Rage Powersports roof basket
Raingler MCN roof rack containment net
Raingler grab handles
Xoskel lo pro light bar
Xoskel lo pro rear light bar
Xoskel bumper mouth bracket
Nissan tow hitch
4 Vision X 6" 100w halogen lights on light bar
2 Vision X 6" 100w halogen lights on front bumper
2 KC hilites 26 backup lights on rear light bar
2 Navigator (cheap Advance Auto) yellow fog lights
Removed mudflaps
Melt mod
Hood rod mod
Fram locking gas cap
Sylvania Silverstar Ultra headlight bulbs

Recovery Gear
EW recovery strap
EW tree strap
PMI heavyweight gloves
Black Rat (Beaver) 4.7 ton shackles (2)

Painted roof rack
Painted grill
Painted front and rear bumpers
Painted rear hatch handle
Painted wiper cowl
Painted front emblem
Misc stickers

So it all started out by looking for a vehicle to replace my 2007 Silver Lightning X that was totaled in May 2009

After looking around for a while, I found this 2007 Super Black X

The very first mods done were to install my roof basket and procomps from my other X

I also put the LOBO in the back

It wasn't too long afterwards that I decided to go from 265/70/16 tires to 265/75/16 Firestone Destination AT's

In July 2009 I ordered PRG's basic lift with 2" spacers, AAL, and rear Bilstein 5125's. I also took the opportunity to order a set of Bilstein 5100 ride heights. While waiting on the the backordered Ride Heights to be delivered I got bored and decided to buy a bunch of spray on bedliner and do some painting.

In September 2009 I finally got the lift installed and added some lights to the front grill.

At the end of October 2009 I placed an order for a set of AJ's super squares and Ballistic Fab C200 diff cover. Here they are after being powdercoated in January.

November 2009 found me taking part in Black Friday sales. I ordered a front and rear lo pro bar from Xoskel along with Vision X halogens up front and KC 26's in the back. I also contacted Jim at OTRATTW and ordered some more switches.

December 2009 was a Merry Christmas. First, I couldn't pass up another sale from Xoskel, so I ordered a bumpermouth bracket and bought some yellow fogs to go with it.

I also did some inexpensive but much needed mods (hood rod mod and replaced rear hatch struts)

This brings me up to the first mod of 2010. My stock battery took a dump.

March 2010, got a good deal on a Raingler large ceiling net; so out with the LOBO in with the net.

Anyways, that's about everything in a nutshell till now, at least most of the major stuff, so thanks for looking...
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what kind of outlets, 12v or 120 w/ inverter?

Nice clean truck!
yeah, what's the deal with the outlets? got any pics?
They are just extra 12v outlets so I can leave my gps and satellite receiver hooked up. I would like to adde an inverter sometime
Lobo shelf in an X model?

Got any pics of the Hidden Hitch Receiver?
nice work
stopped by to check out your lift.
Updated first post with info and pics of the new-to-me Xterra I got to replace the one I totaled.
Truck looks good Man! Glad you're back into another X!
Thanks, I'm pretty stoked. I was really bummed when I wrecked my other one. I looked at a bunch of trucks and other SUV's, but the X seemed right for me.
what...?!? i know i haven't been around too much lately, but when did you wreck your last one? can't have those VA boys getting hurt!
what...?!? i know i haven't been around too much lately, but when did you wreck your last one? can't have those VA boys getting hurt!
I totaled it about a month ago while heading home from Roanoke across Windy Gap. I posted pics in the Off Topic section after it happened. Took on a tree head on, if it hadn't been there, I would have rolled over the side of the mountain.
New Grill Lights

I updated the first post with pics of the Vision X lights. They're just mounted up, checking for fitment. I have not fully adjusted or wired them yet.
looking good!
1 - 20 of 129 Posts
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