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some saturday mods

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hey doodz,

ok, today I got off my lazy butt and herculinered the steps for the factory nerf bars, and the rear step & side steps. also installed the blue fogs and my (dant dannnt dannnnnnnnnnnnt!) ram air tube :)

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How cool is that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Very nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Looks are going to run out of things to do soon!
B Slater said:
Looks are going to run out of things to do soon!
If only. before I do the full scale sound system I'm planning on doing, I still have to paint the headlights, do the LED stuff in the headlights I'm planning on doing, pull apart the tails, do the LED conversion there too, do the interior stuff I'm planning on doing, sell my LED interior conversion, put in the taillight guards, find 3 more tires for my wheels, get them mounted, installed, etc, find a brush guard, get it mounted and installed, get my tint fixed, blah blah blah
oh i forgot the reverse camera and the reverse proximity sensors too :)
You should mod the truck to parallel park itself.
nice bro.
where did u get those headlights..
are those the stock OEM or a UNiversal foglights.
i need some foglights for mi X.

do u have pictures of how u did your Ram Air...
How much are those FOGs? I want to put some in mine, but I'm not sure I want to fork over a couple a hundred dollars for the OEM ones.
nice job
Did you get the top coat for the Herculine? It's going to fade in a few months if not.
the fogs are some 20 dollar ones off ebay, but they work like a champ, the ram air was a simple 3' length of pool hose tube stuff, i'll post pics of how to do it later, and it actually makes a difference in the way the whole thing drives! I also did use the UV stuff on the herculiner, I didn't want it to fade. pics & info when I get back from my business trip!

Could you give us a link as to which fog lights you got off ebay. Just looking for some more details. Did you mount these with the zip ties like you did in another post?


I didn't pay 75 bucks for them, but those are the same ones. and actually these I was able to install in about 20 minutes, again with zip ties, but the way the mouting holes are situated on the light, it only took two ties and they're held in place much better than the ones we did on my buddies x.
Looks good bro! Thanks for the hookup on the lights. Those ones are brighter than the stock ambers right? Like you get a whiter burn aka light.
yup. did some more stuff last night, pics once i get her washed.
dragonplayboy said:
oh i forgot the reverse camera and the reverse proximity sensors too :)
I think if you just got the rear cam it'd be more than enough. My cam provides a pretty wide view of stuff behind me. I was also never a fan of that cursed beeping. But if you're down, go for it and please post pics! You're ride is looking tttttiiiiiigggghhht.
Looks ph**king sweet! Did you paint the grille?
here's an overhead shot of the ram air. very simple, but it makes a big difference.

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