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I've done 2 of the trails from this trailhead. Take the Eagle Lakes exit off of I-80 just West of Donner pass. Go north off of the exit and after about 3/4mi. there is a right turn that goes to the trailhead. You're good when you see this

Then there are a few options. The trails go anywhere from medium to wild.

The Signal Peak trail starts out with a sick climb that's like a rockgarden for about 2 miles then it's easy. Bring a locker and armor. You can make a loop that goes back to I-80 at Cisco grove or you can go to some harder trails.

The Eagle Lakes / Grouse Ridge / Meadow Lake Trail Head goes some great places and there are some climbs that have detours because only creepy crawler can make it through. I went to Eagle Lakes; the shortest of the trails. Some good-ol'-boys told us the Grouse Ridge and Meadow Lake trails only got crazier. Of course they were in old Toyota PUs or Jeeps with 4:1 transfers and 35" tires and LOTS of travel.

Here are some pics of the mild stuff. I didn't get very many of the X beause i was so busy helping that Jeep get up the hill. He didn't have a locker. The OR X kicks butt! He did get the best pic of the day, though doing his flexy up-on-the-rock trick (bottom).

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