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My 2013 Pro-4x's Diff lock, hill descent and traction buttons all light up with the headlights on, but all three indicator amber lights no longer work nor does the gear selector plate illuminate.

All worked when I purchased it from a used car dealership and I noticed that they weren't working shortly after the dealer fixed a problem with my gear selector (would move to 1, but heads up would stay in 2).

Now, everything else works EXCEPT for the indicators and gear selector light.

Obviously seems like a fuse, so I pulled the relevant fuses and tested them and all were fine.

Is there an inline fuse or do these indicators go out when the gear selector bulb goes out?

I already searched for relevant threads, but didn't once see this issue. It's difficult to fit what's wrong in a search field!

I don't feel comfortable taking it back to the dealer and as they may have caused it and it is an hour of traffic to there and one back. That's my last choice.

Thank you for any help!
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