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SOLD: Set of used OEM Xterra Headlights, good overall condition

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$65 OBO for both, + shipping, or free pickup in the Scottsdale AZ metro area. Shipping should be around $20 - $30 or so, depending on location.

I installed new aftermarket headlights in my X, so I have the original OEM headlights with bulbs for sale. They are slightly hazy / yellowed, but not that noticeable, and if desired, it should be easy to clean them up by polishing them with one of the headlight polishing kits or just a buffing wheel and a good polishing compound. This is for someone that is looking for a pair of good headlights but you can't afford or don't want to pay for brand-new headlights. What you see is what you get. The one bracket on the left headlight is cracked, but that's easily repaired if desired with plastic expoxy or equivalent. See the last picture. These would also work well for someone that wants to experiment with converting headlights to LED, etc. These came from a 2010.

PM, or call or text me at 775-372-7656

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