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Ive got a set of fog light bulbs from retro solutions as seen here.

This set I have for sale is a replacement set and are brand new / never installed. Im asking $20 shipped.

Note I said replacement set -- The first pair I had the filament broke on one of the bulbs, so I sent them back and they sent me a new pair. In the interim I installed some hella yellow bulbs and never got around to swapping them out when these replacements showed up. So if you were to buy these, and in 6 months one of them went out, I dont think they'd honor the warranty. That stated, if you're interested, heres the description from their webpage.

High Output HPX bulbs
Long Life, ultra-pure Xenon gas filled bulbs

These standard incandescent bulbs differ from ordinary halogen bulbs by being filled instead with ultra-high purity xenon gas. The resulting benefits are higher filament temperature and greater luminous efficiency for increasd light output. The external bulb temperature is actually reduced in comparison to equivalent wattage halogen bulbs while filament longevity is increased.

- 65 watts
- 15% more luminous than halogen equivalent
- produces less heat than halogen equivalent
- last longer than halogen equivalent
- 3350K light yellow color

Each Order Includes:
- 2x 65W 3350K HPX bulbs
- 1 yr. warranty

dib away.

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