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SOLD: OEM Step Rail

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I'm thinkin about sellin my OEM Step Rails, how much would they go for? And what is the likely hood of sellin them on this site as opposed to eBay?
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Most here trash em like you are going to after they realize what they are for. Some sick factory joke eh? BUT! There are people who want that kind of thing for what they do, every one does their own tricks.

Post em here for free for what you want, if no sale post em on e bay for whatever you can get. Maybe worth a mention to the dealer since someone may want them when buying a new X without them.

This community, being well informed, will be less likely to purchase the OEM step rails. Put 'em on ebay, the best place to get rid of junk... :bounce:
I figured as much, since I'm getting rid of them for the same reason most of the people on this did. Good thinking with the dealer idea I would have never have thought of that. Next stop, time to spend money I don't have yet....
Mine sold on ebay for $151 not including shipping. I'd put them up there.
Hell, I got my dealer to trade my rails in for a full set of stock skid plates.

The stock skids suck but I guess they're better than nothing.
stock rails

I bought a set from DDAY here on the board. He sold them to me for $100. I had them shipped from Ca. on our company truck. Not all of us are hard core off-roaders. I bought an "s" without the steps. I need them to get kayaks off the roof. They were just what I needed. :)
I sold mine on ebay for over $200 + shipping.
Ebay for sure.

And to get the best $$, start it with no minimum or at most $5.

If you haven't ebay'd before it sounds scary, but you will get most money from starting it that way. Make sure you get your shipping right, but it will be expensive. Item like that, I would guess about $50-$60 to ship it, plus the issue of getting a box, etc to wrap it up in.
It cost me $40 to ship my step rails from the UPS Store. This was total cost of them packaging them and shipping them.
If you're still selling...I'm interested. $150 and I will pick up locally in NC
My OEM stepm rails are still up for grabs, if your interested send me a PM.
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