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Username: HawaiianXterra
Year: 2006
Make: Nissan
Model: Xterra
Trim: S 4x4
Color: knight armor

151k miles as of May 2019
Miles: 140k (15FEB2017)

129k 26OCT2015

138k 15OCT2016

139k 21NOV2016


Magnaflow muffler with "Y" pipe delete
Hypertech programmer
Intake Manifold Spacer
Airflow snorkel w/cone top
K&N Drop in filter
130amp alternator
350Z Thermostat

Front ARB bumper w/9500 Smittybilt XRC winch and bottle opener
rear shrock bumper
Xoskel light cage with 4 KC day lighters
Hefty skids (all but radiator)
Shrock rear diff skid
Gobi Ladder
bedlined rear bumper caps
yosemite sam mud flaps
Front Zombie emblem (replaces Nissan burger)
Tail light guards
Locking wet box handle
Front - Frontier R180 with 3.69 gears and Lokka Locker (needs install)
Rear - M226 with 3.69 gears and E-locker (needs install)
OEM Window visors

on my 2nd stock radio
LED lighting

Suspension and Wheels/Tires:
285/75/16 Hercules Trail Diggers
Daystar 2" lift spacers in front w/ HD OME 1.5" lift coilovers (will be buying UCAs soon)
Daystar 2in lift Shackles in rear (Will be buying new leaf pack some time soon)
1.5" Spidertrax wheel spacers
2011 Xterra wheels (July 2013)

First Xterra
Stock 2002 Xterra 2WD with the unicorn 2.4L manual making a massive 143HP

Before being sold in 2010

MARCH 2010 - Bought used

K&N CAI, 2 inch Daystar spacer lift and Shrockworks rear bumper installed

MAY 2016 - Tillamook State Forest with NWXC

MAY 2016 GONEmoab

OCTOBER 2016 - Pillar Mountain, Kodiak, Alaska

Anton Larsen Bay, Kodiak, Alaska

NOVEMBER 2016 - Fossil Beach, Kodiak, Alaska

DECEMBER 2016 - Pyramid Mountain, Kodiak, Alaska

JANUARY 2017 - Pillar Mountain, Kodiak, Alaska

Added Gobi Ladder and Hefty T-case skid

Tillamook State Forest Random Pictures

Kodiak, Alaska Random Pictures

Monster Jam, Moda center, Portland, Oregon

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Thanks for the feed back guys. I should be able to post up pics of the 06 on Monday.

Are those steelies?
Yes, they are 15" steelies.

I do not currently live on Oahu, but I was born and raised in Mililani. I'll be moving to Kodiak in July, then hopefully back to Hawaii in 2013.

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X looks good man...I'm jealous of all those nice trails you guys have out in Oregon !

That old blazer is badass...always wanted one as an off roading rig that I could beat up and not care about

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Don't quote me on this

Yeah his blazer is sweet. I had a '81 Bronco I was trying to fix up, but i'm moving to Kodiak in July so I sold it. The wheeling community is really good up here and the few trails I got to go on were fun and well taken care of.

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Posting Requirements

All the pictures look great ~ you know you could move them all to the first post and orgianized on your Xterra Page. The first page is "Your Xterra Page" to show what you got.

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Went to TSF so the boy could play with his RC truck. This is the only picture I took.

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