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Any interest on here? I am just putting a feeler out there ...

We purchased it around 100k miles, about 2 years ago. I loved it, bought a second one (off road though), so now we have two. This one can go!

It has about 122k miles
2006 xterra
6speed manual transmission
factory towing package
tires - good year wranglers about 9/32 tread left

timing chain was replaced around 105k
rear end was replaced around 110k

had the two big replacements done under warranty, so the truck should be good for some time :)....can provide receipts and whatnot.

I have upgraded the rear door struts to 150#, as the old ones were weak and couldn't hold the door up.
The deck was replaced with something of this century (pioneer AVH-P2400BT), the old stock decks couldn't do much of anything but play FM/AM!

Truck has not been modded/lifted/etc.

You can view my current pictures here:

I was thinking $8500 but OBO
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