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Forgive the generic ad, it's for Craigslist. I'm pretty sure there are a few other's other there like this...and they are all on this site.

Obviously didn't have any biters before, and I've changed the vehicle a bit along with adjusting the price. Feel free to message me with inquiries...I'm in the San Diego area (where I live) and Murrieta area (where I work).

Nissan Xterra
Off Road Package 6 speed Manual Transmission
4x4 (4wd) with locking rear differential
Color: Granite
Mileage: 62,682
Clean carfax. One owner, no accidents.

A 2005 Nissan Xterra for sale that is like no other out there. This Xterra has been custom built for the ground up and babied since it was bought by the only owner (me). This vehicle has every modification possible with over $20k spent on top of the original $27k purchase price of the car. The 2005 Xterra is the first of the new line of Xterras in which the slower and less powerful supercharged engines were replaced with an almost 300 hp (horsepower) 4.0 Liter engine. The off-road edition was produced from the factor with a locking rear-differential, the only model with this option. The 6 speed manual transmission within this model is even rarer, making this ride quite a find. This was the model that driven against and picked over by multiple magazines: the Hummer H3, Toyota FJ Cruiser, and the Jeep Liberty. This was also the 2005 Sport Utility of the Year pick by Motor Trend magazine.

It is in excellent condition, and has been babied since bought. If you have been looking for that special vehicle, this is it. There are no dings or no problems with this ride, incredible condition. Must see in person to truly appreciate this beauty and all the work done to it.

The rare Off Road model has an electronic locking rear differential to get you through anything, along with an interior only offered for this package as well.

Custom Radio with LCD, dvd player, Navigation and under-vehicle front facing camera
PRG Coilovers
Custom Deaver Replacement Leaf Pack
Rancho 9000x Adjustable Rear Shocks
255/85/r16 (33.10") BFG MT KM2s
Total Chaos Upper Control Arms
Xterra Rubber Floormats
Shrockworks Front Bumper (
Shrockworks Complete skids plates underneath vehicle
Shrockworks Rear Differential cover
Two Attached Front Recovery Screw Pin Shackles
Stock Roof Compartment converted to a locking version
2 Hella 500 Fog Lights Front Bumper Mounted
Optima Yellow Top
8500 lb Winch
-Shrockworks Fairlead
-Amsteel Blue Rope
Extended Stainless Steel Brake Lines
Xterra/Yakima Locking Hitch Mounting Bike Rack
Xterra/Yakima Locking 2 board wide (holds 4) Snowboard Racks
Full Sized Matching Spare Tire with Matching Off-Road Wheel (not a 'steelie')

Engine Mods:
K&N Cold Air Intake with high flow paper filter (non-oil)
-Amsoil Air Filter
Gibson Cat-Back Exhaust

Side Projects:
Rear Differential Breather Extension
Upgraded Headlight/Foglight Bulbs
Front Flip up License Plate
ABS Line Relocation Modified to prevent stretching/risk

Asking $12,999 or Best Offer.

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This truck is very similar to my current Xterra. I had a 2005 S model and the one I have now was being sold down in Kentucky, 6MT Off-Road with low miles. Shrockworks everything. This one has a better lift in it.

Long story short, I flew down to Kentucky and bought the Xterra and then sold my first one after the fact.

Anyone that has a non-offroad X and eventually want to T-Swap/lock their rear diff should really look into this. :)

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Willing to throw in a few goodies as well with the sale if it's on the forums, and before it goes to ebay.

Hi-lift jack
Revolver shackles
Some Hella 500 lights

...and a few other random things in the garage.
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