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SOLD: 2005 0R Dana 44 rear axle for sale - again!

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My rear axle is for sale again. The original dib winner had to back out of the deal so I'm offering it up again. My truck is currently at All Phase in Colorado having the SAS completed. The rear axle is off the truck and it's being cleaned up now. The front differential goes with the rear axle so there won't be any gearing issues.

The rear axle and the front differential and ABS wiring are being sold for the original price of $800. Buyer pays for shipping. If you live in Colorado, you can pick up the axles yourself or arrange for All Phase to swap them into your truck.

Call dibs here if you want them
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Remember, you will need ABS wires from an S model or another OR model to be able to engage 4wheel drive. So whoever gets the axle, you will need to trade ABS wires with them.
Thanks Jordan. I'll let the guys know.

For the rest of you, the front differential is now off and being cleaned up.

There's over $5,000.00 worth of parts looking for a new home for only $800.00. You'll never get a better deal.

I've already paid for the new SAS parts so money really isn't an issue now. I just don't want my old parts hogging up space in their shop after the truck is finished.
Sold again!

Thank you all for your interest.
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