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It’s a white 07 SE, but not much stock left. 50,000 miles and a bit. Located in Daly City, ca
SMOGGED and REGISTERED I have the pink in hand.

Timing chain and tensioners were changed under warranty so she is good to go!!! Just got a new yellow top in there too!!

The price I’m thinking $16,000 let get this outta here!! I could wiggle a little on this. I maybe open to straight trades, trades + cash. My loss could be your gain but we shall see!!!!

The truck was recently swapped to titan/calmini hybrid kit at Arabias Off road less than 1500 miles ago.

As for parts

Started as an SE so it has the Rockford Fosgate stereo and leather steering wheel.

engine/drive train
doug thorley headers
flowmaster 44 cut off at rear axle
volant cai with snorkel, all waterproofed. I also have the stock air box
throttle body spacer
superchips tuner
m226 with 4.56s, arb locker, blue fab torch cover
m205 with 4.56s
JE Reel dual cv drive shaft

Calmini drop bracket, trailing arms deleted and replaced with heim joints to support
prg titan uca
prg tie rod extensions
dirt king titan lca
radflo 2.5s with ext res
prg shackles
prg add a leaf with stock springs swapped to SOA
bilstein shocks
brand new brake pads and the rotors have been turned

procomp 7089s flat black
bfg km2 315/75-16 front fenders are cut to fit full stuff

shrock works front and rear bumper
shrock works sliders
shrock works skids-modified to cover entire calmini kit
stealth nissan emblems
ramsey 8500 wireless winch
truck bed lined hood
gobi rack ranger rack
2 580s on the bumper and 4 520s on the roof all swapped to hid, ballasts mounted to ceiling and in waterproof project box in front bumper
harbor freight running lights mounted to roof rack
wolo air horn mounted to roof with high pressure pump

rubber floor mats
fuse block for running all lights and accessories mounted in driver foot well
inverter under pass seat with outlets on pass side of trans tunnel
cb mounted where sunglass holder was
Arb dual air compressor mounted in cargo area, comes with air up kit
Garmin gps mount riveted to dash with power hookup for when the truck is on
LED light mounted above front seats
Front seat neoprene covers

here are some pictures


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Thanksgiving week bump. Dont get stuck somewhere, unable to get to Thanksgiving dinner because you didnt buy this truck, weather it be sun, sleet or zombies it will get you there.

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Ever think about posting other forums where people dont already have a x :) just a thought. Nice truck. Go to pirate etc... Or local wheeling clubs. We have several i belong to and there are cross posts of stuff for sale all the time
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