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So Cal: SCCX Feb - 2/24-25 Johnson Valley, Rattlesnake Cyn

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For all you So Cal folks (and anyone else who wants to show up) here is the info on our upcoming SCCX run for February 24-25. It was great to see many new folks from this forum at our Santiago Peak run this past Sunday, looking forward to seeing all of you and more at the upcoming run.

As we are still working on getting our club website back up, I'll reprint Xtoolbox's post from the SCCX forum on XOC below, but first here is a photo from last year.

Edit 2/20/07: SCCX website is back up:

Cross-post from SCCX forum follows:
Originally posted by Xtoolbox:
[QB]For February thought we try something different, new with a two day run pushed back a week for the Calico Cleanup on 2/17.

For Saturday 2/24; explore the Johnson Valley OHV area and see what we can find, lots of open areas, dry lakes, rocks and what not so where going to cover some ground and play around on the stuff that looks fun.

Sunday 2/25 will feature the traditional planned trail run through rattlesnake canyon climbing all the way up to big Bear from the high desert floor.

2/24 9:30 - Chevron:
12659 Foothill Blvd Etiwanda, CA 91739, US
Exit the I15-E at Foothill Blvd and turn right.
We could also meet at the staging area @ Couger Buttes at 10:30 for those that live out that way.

2/25 at 9am - Means Dry Lake Staging Area in Johnson Valley
From the 247 E left at Boone Rd for ~ mile, left at Ghost Rd ~ 3 miles.
Google Maps:
At 9:30am RattleSnake Canyon Trail Head:
.7 miles east of mile marker 27 off SR 247

2/24- Johnson Valley OHV area
Start at the east end off SR 247 via Camp Rock road, check out Couger Buttes, bomb to the Anderson Dry Lake, Powerline Rd, Bessemer Mine Rd, Rock Pile, Soggy Dry Lake, etc toward Means Dry Lake.

Primitive Group Camping Saturday night at someplace that looks good :D

2/25 - Rattlesnake Canyon [Moderate: ~ 25miles & 4 hours]
Starts off in the high desert washes, passes through a fun rocky, canyon, by some yucca & Joshua trees with a mine site and optional short dry waterfall climb along the way. At the burns canyon intersection we’re going to take 2n02 up to Big Bear. If there is water in the canyon the trail can get more difficult but still passable for stock 4x4’s, while dry its easy to moderate.

This run will be diverse and offer something for everyone from easy wash running, desert fast tracks, traditional trail rides, optional rock piles, with views, mine site, landmarks, and flora to see along the way. Stock friendly, one or both days. please post up if you're interested, have some other stuff in mind, etc.

Reference / GPS:
Guide to Socal Backroads and 4-wheel Drive Trails: Charles A. Wells
RattleSnake Canyon #43

Johnson Valley Off-Highway Vehicle Area info from BLM

Johnson Valley Landmarks:

FRS Channel 2, Subcode 24
CB Channel 12

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I should be able to make it. Thanks for posting it Frank.
Finally! Awesome.
Frank, what's the ETA for Big Bear from the beginning of Sunday's run? I'm trying to figure out if I can be back in San Diego by 5pm, although I'm not betting on it. Thanks.
Man, I had a really great time. I wish we'd have headed up to Big Bear but it was still fun stormin' through Pioneer Town. The film crew was like "WTF?"

JimB, damn fine X man. I love those wheels. I have to commend you on having the balls to try that first major obstacle of the day too.

xterra3100 (Erwin), great to meet you bro. Hopefully you'll make the next event too. I hear we're doing Anza Borrego next month.

And Eric, you're a pu$$y. No, just jokin! I really hope you can make the next trip. I told Julie not to bother coming after you said Ruth couldn't make it. We had a good 'ol boys night by the fire and ya missed out man. Next time bro.
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