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Sirius Factory Satellite Radio Installation

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This is for prewired systems and was on a 2007. It should work for 05+.

I haven't had any issues with the mounting location of the antenna, which is far superior than the windshield mount unit they try to sell you with the tuner. You can purchase the tuner and antenna from Grubbs Nissan for a good price. $240 will get you everything you need!

Here is a pdf of my install
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hattrik21 said:
Not a bad option for the mount at all. Mine came from the factory and its up in front of the rvm so its never in my way has far as view goes and it gets a great signal up there.
Do you have the triangular antenna? That's the one the parts dept. gave me and I was a bit leary since our Scion uses the same antenna. The Scion cuts out WAY too much. Before I tried mounting the standard triangle unit, I plugged it in and put it on the hood. I only got a signal for 1 minute out of 5. I returned it to the parts dept. and picked up the mini antenna at a car stereo store. I also use the mini on our G35 and it works great!
Update... I am going to have to relocate the antenna because it cuts out with the wipers on. Didn't have any rain the last couple of days so I didn't have the problem. D'OH!
Yeah, don't mount the antenna where I did. I ended up moving it to the roof. At least you can see where the tuner goes though. If you use the windshield mount antenna, you can use this "how to" to get the trim off. I just did it to install a mirror and it's really easy.
1 - 4 of 19 Posts
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