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Shrockworks Skid Plates

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Hey guys. I am fairly new to TNX but I have read enough to learn that Shrockworks makes some pretty good quality products. With that said, my stock Xterra X Model 4x4 is going to be modified for off roading and I am pretty much sold that I should proctect the undercarriage.

So my big question is that Jim will give me a discount if I purchase 3 plates at the same time. Other than the fuel tank, which two plates would you consider most important to have?

I would like to get them all but since I am also buying the rocksliders, I have to limit it to 3 plates this time.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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I would get the front skid (I assume you have the stock bumper), Gas Tank skid and Engine skid.

These are the most beat up on mine.

But, they are all scratched which means they have all been hit. I would save up your pennies to get the other two (Tranny and TC) ASAP.
I agree. Front and engine skid. My are all scrapped.
Ive heard that if you buy 2 or more products he will give a 5-10% discount. Call and ask.
Im I'm not mistaken, his website states you will recieve a discount if you purchase 3 or more at a time. You have to enter a code upon checkout.
are you planning on getting the front bumper? If so, then you might wait on the front skid since it comes with the purchase of the front bumper.
Eventually I will but this stuff is just too darn expensive. I will probably just get the front skid plate now and sell it used if/when I get the bumper.

Thanks for the help guys.
I just got some stuff from Jim. You may get a 5% discount. Youd get 20% if you by it all at once, skids, sliders, front and rear bumper.
20% is pretty good deal but then again, we are talking almost 3 grand right?

I don't know about the front bumper yet. I don't off road nearly as much as I would like to at the moment so I think for now the skid plates and sliders will suffice.

But after those are paid for and broken in, the back bumper with tire carrier is definitely next.
You know I have the exact same model you have. If post some pictures of your ride I would love to see them.

Call it visual encouragement! H AH AHA HHA HA
Well in about 5 or 6 weeks ill be able to post photos of the end product. Ill get you the visual encouragement. Seeing usmc's xterra in person was all i needed for visual encouragement. His rig is fantastic.
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