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So, from what I gather, we can order anything and still get either 10% off if 10-19 people but more than 20, we get 15% off so I'd still get discount if I decide to order one skid or what? Instead of the usual 3 skids?

Am I correct?

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I read through your thread but didn't see a list, how many do you have so far?

Page five

kbwhipple - sliders for a 2006 King cab with 2" BL. Black powder coat. Extra support.
redstars - front winch bumper for a 99 XE King Cab with headlight guards,skid with 2 shackles.
Nomad 13 - gas tank skid for 14 Pro-4 Crew
S4ad0w10 - 1 t-case skid and 1 Tranny skid both in bare metal for 2005 SE King Cab 4X4 6spd
Scalpel4 - Front winch bumper, baremetal, prerunner, included skids with 2 shackles for 2011 SL Crew 4X4

Scalpel4 set this up and has all the details. He has a tread in the group buy section looks like.

Mods changing stuff up... Thanks a lot...
Maybe mods can merge or delete this thread.

Just trying to play messenger.
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