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That's sad because Shrockworks looked respectable over the years. 4 months wait in 2016 was ok for me to wait on a front bumper, but since then wait times have gone up everywhere.
1 week overdue with PRG was too long for me, especially with zero communication, and the feedback they had.

Many things can effect a business, but there has to be communication with customers, ignoring customers is never ok.
I have seen a 30% increase in price in aluminum cost and I only get 250lb at a time at most (and Xterra roof can carry it short distance). Sometimes a business has to depend on other businesses, material supplies, and dominoes can fall even when it's not the one company's fault.

Xterra can get stuck in snow but when F250 gets stuck in snow, it's really stuck and it takes a lot more to get it out.
1 - 3 of 135 Posts