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EDIT BY MODERATOR , 15 January 2023:

On 14 January 2023, ShrockWorks formally announced the cessation of all operations.

"After two decades of serving the off-road community, it is with heavy hearts that we announce we have to close our doors. We assure you every other option has been extensively explored. This is the last outcome we ever imagined for the company we have worked so hard to build. The last few years of economic hardship and rising cost of goods has been detrimental for small businesses. We have heard all of your frustrations and understand completely; we are working hard to assure the best outcome for a terrible situation. Thank you for your years of support and your patience as we navigate this difficult process. "

This thread has been re-titled and the focus shall now be on efforts by members of this forum to obtain refunds for pending or unfulfilled orders, the processes and procedures used by members of this forum to obtain such refunds, and any information about bankruptcy filings by ShrockWorks.

Editorial about ShrockWorks' business practices should be saved for another time and another thread. The focus should now be on the task at hand - helping our fellow members get refunds if there are any refunds to be had.


According to one of the Facebook groups I'm following:

"ATTENTION PEOPLE that are still waiting for your ShrockWorks 4x4 products. A buddy in Houston just verified that they fired all workers on the spot today and closed shop. I know LOTS of people on the 4runner page has been complaining of no communication since last year.
Sucks another reputable/quality company that just took on way too make orders than they can handle. I have personally gone to their shop and saw people's orders just sitting there."

Here is what happens when you go to their site now.

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