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I could totally be off base here but I had a heck of a time finding Shock length info with regards to lifts.

What are the chances we can pile all of this into one place or add it to the 05+ lift info Sticky.

Like Day Stars option of using an extended length shock in the rear with their shackles.

Ext. 22"
Comp. 13.5"
Travel 8.5"

I know you don't have to get these for the lift but it will help with better articulation off road if you do.

As a lot of you can see I Am Going Crazy On This Pier!

I am one of the lucky few that is allowed access to the WiFi so as not to go nuts every day for 12hrs. The only down side is that I can see is that I will start to drive you guys nuts as well.

I'm on this Pier for another 2 weeks! Ahhhhhh!!!!


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